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Updated on: 10/24/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

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  • Eighty-three videos and 149 sets of pictures have been added to the collection.

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My girlfriend should consider herself lucky that I'm not easily influenced, because I just visited Sweet Sinner and the website has scenes that make infidelity look fun and very tempting. The site also really sells you on getting involved in inappropriate relationships.

SweetSinner's scenes originally appeared on DVDs with names like "Cheaters Retreat," "My Girlfriend's Mother" and "The Stepmother," but now they're all gathered together in one place for your convenience. There are 632 videos at this point and though many of them were added to the site all at once, these days it looks like a new one gets posted every few days.

The videos are hot and hardcore and they depict couples going at it in all sorts of positions. As for the types of "couples" you will see, well, in just my first few minutes browsing the site I watched a guy hooking up with his mother's best friend, a dude banging the sitter he hired, and an older woman hooking up with a horny (and much younger) man.

You can watch all the action on the site in an embedded player and if you want to save the scenes for later you can go ahead and downloaded them in good-quality Windows Media files and most, if not all, of them also offer a Full HD MP4 option.

Though the movies are the site's main draw, it does have 1,069 picture sets that are worth your time as well. They come with high-res images that look amazing and saving the ones that catch your eye is easy with the Zip files. Like the vids, new photos get posted every few days.

The website is part of the Mile High Media network and, as a member, you get access to a few additional sites, including Reality Junkies, Doghouse Digital and Sweetheart Video. The sites add value to a membership and you can keep busy with them while you wait for more sinful scenes to appear.

Sweet Sinner may promote bad behavior, but it's definitely a good site. With sexy and high-quality scenes it's also one that you should consider joining. Give it a look if you want to vicariously experience inappropriate relationships.

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  • Comment by: guy

    Score: 90% Date: 07/26/2015

    Pros about sweet sinner:
    1. the biggest pro is that the writing, editing and acting is first rate for a porn site. Although some of the actors performances are wooden, many scenes are at least equal to that of a decent TV movie.
    2. The site shows something that most sites don't show: ACTORS KISSING! Deep, soulful, hot, erotic face sucking. That's the most erotic sexual turn on of all. Porn is so boring today. watching hour after hour of throat gagging BJ's and hard pounding gang bangs, where the actors aren't even looking at each other. That's what's wrong with major sites like Blacks n Blondes and Bang Bros. There's no intimacy. This site gets it!
    1. Site repeats too many of the same actors for many of its scenes. New faces would help.
    2. I would personally like to see more interracial scenes.
    That's about it. Great site overall and well worth the money if you want real lovemaking and good stories.

  • Comment by: Asmun

    Score: 85% Date: 06/29/2014

    Love the content and in fact the scenes are very good but download often gave port error nowadays :(

  • Comment by: Borcamy

    Score: 90% Date: 08/25/2012

    Pretty good!! The models are hot and so are the scenes! It's nice to see this kind of porn again, with emphasis on stories and 'real life'-like sex.

    The only downer is that it needs more material but, hey, it's still a pretty young website so I can give them more time.

  • Comment by: oedipus

    Score: 95% Date: 08/16/2012

    I'm luvin this site and its content. The vids are truly sizzling and does show quite a bit of the passion in the sex scenes, something that is lacking quite a bit these days on the other sites. Just wish they had more variety with the milfs like the likes of Angelica Sin etc.

  • Comment by: Watcher27

    Score: 99% Date: 05/20/2012

    If you like porn with a bit of story to it You'll like this site. The build-up and anticipation of the sex make the scenes that much better in my opinion. This is one of the few sites I am staying with for more than one month. (Pros) HD videos, beautiful women and some story to add a little depth to the scenes. You should find something you like in this site or in one of its three bonus sites. There are updates everyday on at least one of the sites as well which is a big plus. (Cons) It's a personal thing for me but most of the scenes don't have reverse-cowgirl (my favorite position to watch)....but the pros more than make up for it for I took off 1 point.

  • Comment by: Donny Long

    Score: 81% Date: 05/18/2012

    Great variety of stars. Downloading pic situation sucks cause they are great pics. Bonus sites are slightly more hardcore. Sweet Sinner is mainly couples type porn, but it is good porn nonetheless.