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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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"The Lord of the Rings" is a masterpiece of fantasy that is still revered among readers and movie-goers alike. However, as amazing as that famous fantasy franchise is, I've always found it lacking in the hardcore sex department. Porn toons galore try to make up for this with their own sexy elves and monsters, while 3DX Fantasy does so using computer-generated hotties.

Anybody who has ever dabbled in CGI artwork will be impressed to learn that all of the content found on 3DXFantasy is not only unique to the site, but also created by the people who run it. Plus, every day offers a new Flash animation whose motion you can control directly. Even pen-and-paper artists can vouch that it takes quite a bit of time and hard work to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the images.

All that hard work also unfortunately means that the conventional movies are rather short and only arrive once a week. Unlike the animations, they all feature the same kind of action. A gorgeous CGI chick is naked in a sexy pose and talks dirty to you while a vibrating dildo works its way in and out of her perfect pussy. The chick is sometimes human, sometimes an elf and sometimes something else entirely. In other words, they're unique fantasy female creatures that look humanoid, but may be green-skinned or partially blue-skinned, etc.

The 39 conventional toon movies can be streamed in Flash and saved in three other video formats, all of which offer average-quality playback. If that sounds disappointing to you, then try to keep in mind that the site's emphasis is actually on the animations that I mentioned earlier.

There are 337 animations. As hinted at above, they all offer you a unique way to appreciate the toon sex. They kind of work like a cross between a Flash game and an animated gif. A chick (or elf or other female) will be fucking another chick, tranny or even a man-shaped fantasy creature on loop. While the visual may be a loop, the grunts and moans aren't as repetitive and there's also a soundtrack.

You can also control the speed of the fucking, which in turn increases the types and frequency of how hard and fast the babe sounds like she's cumming. There's the ability to control the screen size, reposition it on your screen and opt for a high-def or lower-quality size in order to make them load faster.

There are two photo sections, one focusing on 3D gifs (the motion moves quickly at small angles causing the illusion of 3D imagery without the use of 3D glasses) and the other on conventional stills. The stills show the same kinds of action that you would find in the animations, as well as a bunch of hot-babe pairings that pose nude.

Every 2D-CG image is lumped into one large photo section, but can't be saved in a Zip file. This is a shame, as there are well over 750 high-res shots. It also makes for finding all of the pics associated with a single set all the harder (the two sections combined get you 21 galleries, 20 of which are found among the stills).

You used to get three new images every day, but for a while now, all you've gotten are duplicates. Literally the first 11 pages worth of the stills are all completely identical. I believe this may be related to how the site has changed its focus on how it provides you with a 3D game that allows you to generate a model and fuck her in different positions and from different camera angles. It's kind of like the animations on whatever is the computer programming world's equivalent of steroids. Add this, the other animations and the movies together and it's kind of like you get 377 videos.

Anybody familiar with CGI artwork will appreciate 3DX Fantasy. Keep in mind that the content is very well-made and can't be found anywhere else, so we don't doubt that it'll become an even more amazing site once more content gets added.

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