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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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If you're the type of person to imagine a golden river of nectar streaming into a Pretty Pissers mouth or trickling from her pussy, then you've just hit upon a true peeing site here.

There's not exactly a lot of exclusive content on PrettyPissers, but your membership gives you access to other fetish sites, as well as a Gold X Pass to picture and video collections of outdoor strip shows, candid sex and hidden cams. Those of you into seeing a full glass of champagne guzzled back will enjoy scenes of these amateur chicks.

Since there is very little content, the members' area is simple to navigate. There aren't any separate photo galleries, but each of the seven movies has a series of screenshots and all videos run for a lengthy 60 minutes or so. Videos can have up to 21 clips per episode and the best downloads only come in an average-qualityWindows Media version.

The vid caps are fairly blurry, yet can have the appearance of a spy cam, which may turn many people on. Otherwise, they really aren't worth noting, even if there are about 200 of them in each set.

The images seem a bit washed out, giving one the feeling of a documentary style, which is perfect for the outdoor blowjobs, fucking and pissing scenes and even for the indoor amateur pissing sequences, where chicks let loose a torrent of piss for their men to watch or lap up.

If you enjoy variety you get several websites that include Jungle Hole, Moms Deep Throat and Wild Latin Ass. Though there are over 60 bonus sites, only one of them, Outdoor Piss, is in the same niche.

While some may see the champagne glass as half full of piss, I, on the other hand, am an expert on pornography, so it is with a great deal of conviction that I tell you that with the sorry amount of content and utter lack of updates, this site will probably leave you pissed off because not enough chicks are getting pissed on.

It's kind of like waking up in the morning and having cornflakes with just milk. Even with the bonuses, Pretty Pissers is not worth the price and you need to love reality-style videos to get off on the material here.

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  • Comment by: jana

    Score: 90% Date: 08/24/2010

    I love this site. It's got my clit trobbing to pee!