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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Toxy Wonderland is a site with a funky design. It is red and black, which suits the edgy goth model, Valerie. Maybe I'm too cool to be cool, but I was curious about the name Toxy. I thought it might refer to toxic, but then I wondered if it was a nickname. I'll leave that myster for you to unravel.

I have to admit that ToxyWonderland has one of the coolest site designs I have seen to date. Better yet, the layout is well organized and interesting. I felt my eyes moving with excitement for the next new thing. The site is definitely thorough for a single model with an avant-garde flavor and a fetish leaning. It covers all the usual bases with a bio, journal, friends, pictures and videos. However, Valerie is not your typical gal.

Valerie has a number of entries in her journal, which I always enjoy seeing. Basically it's the usual, "here is what's happening on the site," as well as some personal blurbs. However, there's something that makes her journal stick out more than most. Not only is there a calendar, but you can search the journal by an index of titles, which is a hell of a lot more convenient than a typical site.

Speaking of the atypical, there is a gallery of 36 art images, which is a nice addition. Some of it is exclusive and some of it's not, however ToxyWonderland is an exclusive site.

In fact, there are 33 photosets and each is also listed by a kick ass title. For example, "Shark Attack" is a set of photos (683x1024) with a macabre sense of humor, whereas "Sparkling Princess" is a more erotic set of a teasing tutu-clad model. The photos are spectacular. Not only are they technically good, but they are among the most creative I have seen on any site. Each has a different wicked theme and although some sets tend toward dark humor, others are intoxicatingly erotic. Valerie is never shy to let your eyes wander over her breasts, but don't expect any pussy shots.

Toxy Wonderland is not exactly a never-ending river of videos. There are only four and I'd have expected more. The movies (640x480, 1006kbps) are just as creative as the photos and can be viewed through Windows Media Player. At about 3-minutes each, they play more like short clips than features. The images are crisp, but there was a problem with the stereo sound on my visit.

Secondary content includes nine friends and 13 guest photo sets. Just when you think you'll catch a peek of something, you discover a black strip of tape hiding a chick's pussy. I thought it was hilariously teasing. The sets can include anywhere from 20 to 50 pictures with tons of PVC, some rope bondage and lots of black eyeliner!

Toxy Wonderland was an avant-garde experience. It definitely beats a site with floral pink panties! I really loved the attitude of the site and the slightly fetish content. It definitely needs more content for the price though.

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