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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I know many babes who smoke and they tell me that there's nothing like sucking dick, getting fucked really good and then lying back to have a cigarette. On Dirty Smokers, they take this idea one step further and instead of waiting until after sex to have a smoke, the horny chicks light up and puff away before, during and after all the fun.

DirtySmokers often posts clips separately from the full-length versions, which makes it a bit trickier to tell how many scenes there really are, but the files are all clearly labeled and grouped together, so you won't have too much trouble getting what you're looking for. The site itself does look kind of dated, though. In the end, I counted 56 videos and many of them are presented in HD. You can download and stream the vids, although the streams only play in a small Windows Media player (they look great though).

Some of the scenes simply show a chick slowly and seductively smoking in front of the camera. However, most show masturbation or hardcore sex. Whether she is rubbing her clit, giving a blowjob or sliding dick up her pussy, she is always holding and/or puffing away on a cigarette. Some of us would wait until afterward to light up, but I've known a few addicts who will rush through the sucking and fucking just to get to the postcoital smoke. These ladies don't feel that pressure.

There are 74 photo galleries with good-looking, high-res images to download in Zip files. The pics that follow the action in the video are posted in several sets, but I only counted the complete shoot. At any rate, you'll see some closeups of their faces.

I must say that as an amateur site, not all the chicks look that excited to be there. While most of them put on a good show, some of them look like they are thinking about what they have to pick up at the store on their way back home.

You can read some sexy tales of female smokers as an extra. You also get 50+ bonus sites: Nylon Butterfly, Wifes Dream, Hentai Mania, Dirty Show Business, New Porn Talents and Pregnant Wishes. A seventh site is listed, but it's actually closed. There are also pic feeds and more than 600 DVDs that you can stream or download.

The bonuses might add a little value, but I don't think you'll find enough smoking content on Dirty Smokers to keep you interested for long. Plus, updating stopped a long time ago, so don't expect any more videos.

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