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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Nothing like a site that has a theme by name only and whose content actually seems to deliver no part of the supposed premise. Corporate Fantasy is exactly that type of site, since I really didn't find any of its episodes delivered much in the way of corporate feeling. Granted a few of the chicks wore glasses, but they could easily have passed for hot librarians, teachers, research assistants or whatever other near-sighted fantasy of myopic babes, one might imagine. If we thought it was bad before, you might not be surprised that things have gotten worse.

There are no photos, only dead links to nonexistent galleries. Already I have a bad taste in my mouth worse than a few of the chicks featured that get a mouthful of jizz. Instead, one only has a choice of streaming videos to watch in Windows Media format.  So far, there are 18 movies to choose from, but this is even less than the last time we came here.

As I mentioned before, the hardcore sucking, fucking and occasional dildo sessions, they generally don't follow much of the main theme.Although, there are one or two at least set in offices, I guess the major issues is that they chose the word "corporate" and neither the ladies dressed up like trashy secretaries or the men often appearing as plumbers or security guards really combine to give that feeling of "high powered" sex, it's more just hard pounding action.

As a member, you do get access to 28 other sites like this one and a streaming DVD archive with over 1,100 titles covered.  Unfortunately, the site just doesn't deliver enough original content or respect its premise well enough for me to feel compelled to give it a strong recommendation. Moreover, the streaming video content is extremely slow to load and if you're not patient enough to wait for each episode to buffer completely before playing, you're stuck with stop and go playback. It's not worth the money.

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