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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Border Bangers takes the quest to become American to an all-new low. These chicks are willing to be banged just to earn their stars and stripes. Luscious Latinas stop at nothing to find a place in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Of course, every new American must learn that lesson number one is buyer beware. The land of opportunity can also be the land of taking advantage.

A clever bunch of fellows figured out that sexy Latinas will get down and dirty in order to get into America. You'll see it all in the 20 movies on BorderBangers. You can always find one version of each flick with stellar-quality playback.

The site wasn't always so good, but it has improved immensely as far as the quality of its modest number of videos is concerned. You will also find files to download for your iPod. The dirty dudes' nefarious plot must have been stopped though, because there have been no new updates in ages.

All the same, they got away with it for a while. Between dick and deportation, desperate gals pledge their allegiance in a whole new way. They grip the flagpole and swallow it whole. Once the banging and fucking comes to its fevered climax, not only are the bombs bursting in the air by the rocket's red glare, but the cocks are also shooting a glob as the pink pussies throb! God bless America! We can all all stand at attention for these inspiring scenes and there won't be a dry pussy in the room watching it either.

There are no still pics, but you will find some decent vid caps. Even without hearing the dialogue, they'll show you the entire spiel just by the overacted expressions on the performers' faces. The immigration agent hunts down babes trying to cross into the US illegally. The indecent proposal to save her skin and the cheesy threats of our horny fraudster help to heighten the sense of desperation. You can see the fear on the ladies' faces and the menacing authority on the dudes' mugs.

Members also get access to 68 full-access bonus sites, including Rectal Rooter, Milk My Cock, Mommy Loves Cock, College Fuck fest, Euro Fuck Trip, Strip Clubs Exposed and Yank My Crank. Tons more action for a fraction of the price of each individual membership combined, I guess that makes up somewhat for the lack of content on this site. Unfortunately, cumming down hard on illegal aliens has ended on Border Bangers, but you'll still enjoy seeing these smutty tales of immigration.

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