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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Let's be honest, those old-school superheroes running around in tights and doing the male bonding thing in the dark bowels of the city's underground already had us wondering if maybe they weren't just "playing hard to get" with their reporter friends. I always tease my coworker Chris Parker, who loves comics, about it. At any rate, on Gay Cartoon, the cat's out of the bag with blatant rather than latent homosexuality.

What is offered on GayCartoon hasn't changed much in ages, so it's clear that they are no longer updating. The dates are altered to make it look like updates are still happening, but all they are doing is rotating the same porn that's already been up forever and adding or removing a spread from time to time. Also, this is a picture-based toon site, so there are no videos. And they hasn't done anything to improve on the dated design.

The 101 image sets can be downloaded in Zip files and displayed in an automatic slideshow with adjustable speed. You will find some high-res images in the bunch, although some definitely look better than others. When you're only offering pics, you somehow expect that they would be consistent in quality.

You'll find two sections of 3D comics, one exclusive and one nonexclusive. Then there's a large set of random BDSM drawings. A comic with standard 2D artwork is also offered. Finally, there is a series of three storyboards based very loosely on a popular manga character. The different styles offer a nice contrast to one another along with the diversity of action from reality-based plotlines about strangers hooking up to daddy-filled BDSM dungeons and pure flights of fantasy involving aliens from outer space.

I will admit that sometimes I've fantasized about a cartoon hero or two. It helps that they normally have that soft-spoken, mild-mannered persona that just screams closet case to me. The action on this site delivers the kind of penetrating fantasies that have always haunted my subconscious during many Saturday morning cartoon sessions.

You get three live-action bonus sites: Studs Fun, Boys Wedding and World Gay. These sites also aren't growing, but they, along with an archive of DVDs with 185 gay scenes, offer vids to download. There are also erotic stories and over 45 other non-toon bonus sites. Gay Cartoon simply can't compete with larger gay toon sites that are still adding new content.

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