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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1179
Average Score: 66

There is really only one thing to say. If you like black teenage girls then stop reading this and go get a membership to Exploited Black Teens right now.

ExploitedBlackTeens is primarily a video site that also provides you with some vid caps. The same white guy fucking all the girls in the movies is also the one doing all the filming. That's what I call one multitasking fuckin' lucky white boy.

As a member you will have access to 356 movies. Did you catch that? I said 356. Moreover, 90% of the scenes are girl/guy scenes. However, there are a few with multiple girls. In one memorable clip, babes named Krystal and Jasmine face away from each other doggy-style and fuck themselves with a pink two-headed dildo. To watch those fine big, round asses banging into each other is pure heaven on earth.

Whoever this guy is, he manages to find the sexiest and dirtiest black beauties out there. He fucks their faces, their tight pussies and sometimes even their tight asses. I even caught a few clips of him fucking them in the ass while they stuck vibrators up their pussies.

All this leads to the money shot and you will not be disappointed there. These girls take some huge loads all over their faces. That isn't always the end of it either 'cause this guy likes to fuck the girls while they're still covered in his cum. He calls it his signature move.

To see it all, you just have to browse the model index, find the babe you want to watch and click on the video link. Complete scenes are split up into about 10 to 30 clips. You can download the older ones in an MPEG format and the newer ones in a Windows Media format. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there is no option for downloading the full-length flick, but that would be my only complaint. The quality varies, but there are some great-quality clips to enjoy.

All you black-girl lovers out there know what it's like on other teen/amateur sites, browsing all the white chicks trying to find those few black girls. Well, I found them. They are all on ExploitedBlackTeens and you are just a few clicks away from enjoying them as much as I did.

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  • Comment by: this guy is silly

    Score: 5% Date: 08/30/2014

    What the hell kind of site is this? 1998 layout..... you need windows 95 to play the old videos.

  • Comment by: WV Guy

    Score: 10% Date: 08/13/2014

    After thinking about signing up for this site for a long time, I finally took the plunge. I have been a fan of EBT videos for a long time. I've been fortunate enough to see a lot of them, albeit in bite size advertisement clips you would find on a lot of big name porntube sites. I was finally ready to pay the money to see the full vidoes on the website, of all these gorgeous models i've been lusting over for years.

    So I plunk down the 30 bucks, log in, and am surprised at first at the outdated layout of the site. But who cares, i'm here for the girls! After going through just a couple dozen pages, none of the girls I wanted to see were on there. I mean, I had a freaking long list of girls that I had seen on pornhub and what not. NONE OF THEM WERE AVAILABLE ON THE SITE. In fact, almost every single video available on the site is an old video that you could find on a tube site somewhere, AT FULL LENGTH MIND YOU.

    THIS IS A TRICK SITE. A bait and switch. They sign up on websites and post advertisements of hot black girls and lure you in only for you to find out the girls on the advertisement were not even on there. Listen guys, I am a EBT addict. I have searched out in every corner of the internet scouring for free videos and I have seen them all....the free ones at least. But I knew there were dozens if not hundreds more that never made it to the web, that were locked in this website. Or so I thought. This is the most disappointing day ever.

    This website could pull in so much money if the guy who owned it just released all the videos and added new ones here and there. People would actually keep their memberships and it would be probably the top interracial porn site. But this owner should be sued in my opinion because of false advertising. He is lower than dirt and shame on him for stealing money from people.

  • Comment by: LawDawg

    Score: 35% Date: 07/21/2014

    I joined this site a year ago and was disappointed by the fact that there were less than 100 actual downloadable videos, and the new content is only available in streaming format. I rejoined, based on your review update, which is wrong. You state that there are 350 videos, downloadable with no streaming available. In reality, there are 179 videos available, about 100 downloadable and about 79 only avaialable to stream on the site. You might want to update the review correctly next time, so people do not waste money thinking the site changed when it did not. I might add that usually you guys are spot on with your review. --Long time collector

  • Comment by: KDX

    Score: 1% Date: 06/21/2014

    OUTDATED GARBAGE MEMBERS AREA. Hideous navigation, No descriptions or model names. No ability to favorite scenes. There is not one HD video in the entire members area. None of the scenes shown in the tour are present in the members area. No customer service. Fraud, fake adult site. Stay away.

  • Comment by: Dave

    Score: 30% Date: 06/13/2014

    Can confirm this site is an absolute PoS, shame on the owner charging people $30! You do not get even close to what he is advertising. The site has gotten worse over time because now only 27 of the previously mentioned 57 pages actually load, and only 10 of those pages have videos you can download from in tiny clips. That's half of his content advertised on the join page gone and deleted! None of the girls I signed up for even have their videos available any more. The real kicker is this guy is blowing up twitter and instagram every day with very new posts and new pics, acting like he has all of this new content that he is promoting but none of it is even on his website. This guy really sucks please don't give him any more money.

  • Comment by: Darth Bater

    Score: 15% Date: 12/25/2013

    I am just going to repeat what everyone else has said. DO NOT RISK SIGNING UP FOR THIS SITE. I was lured in my some of the girls in the free tour, and lo and behold, none of the ones i wanted were even present in the members area. A really dishonest move to trick people into purchasing a 30 dollar membership. Many of the videos are impossible to download, and others require lots of effort to do so. The streaming videos are SLOW and LOW QUALITY. you cannot even increase the video to fullscreen when watching a streaming video. The value for this site is WORSE THAN LOW. I suggest to the owner of this site, DO THE RIGHT THING. RE RELEASE ALL OF THE PREVIOUSLY FILMED GIRLS AT ONCE. NOT ONCE PER WEEK. Many of the videos on this site were classics, that I PAID FOR WHEN I SIGNED UP. Unfortunately, there is no integrity to this site's business ethics. I genuinely feel robbed of 30 dollars.

  • Comment by: TIMMY

    Score: 98% Date: 09/29/2013

    all sites are well done, well maintained. One of THE FEWER SITES THAT KEEPS ITSEWLF STAUYTRATED WITH FRESH DFACES without a fresh supply of women willling to bare alll. a porn site withopbesty out thertentained, and over all some of the best out there b

  • Comment by: ROY

    Score: 25% Date: 03/17/2013


  • Comment by: lolol tricked you

    Score: 42% Date: 03/09/2013

    OMG i just got 3D laptop and i can no longer watch 2d porn.... This guy is a idiot. Do not join and you can not download anything from this site. yes i figured a way out to do it but it sucks and its not worth your time for the videos you get. Trust me you have been warned. now proceed at your own risk.

  • Comment by: Infern0

    Score: 65% Date: 02/03/2013

    The site has got some great girls on it, but as others have stated, many past updates have been deleted which is a huge problem. The flash videos are easy to download if you know how, and it may be possible to access some of the "deleted" content, if you know the model name, you can maipulate the URLS, (they didn't "delete" the updates, just took down the links to get to them) All in all i shouldn't have to do this, and i wont be paying for more than a month

  • Comment by: Feel Scammed

    Score: 1% Date: 08/29/2012

    What a waste of money. I HATE streaming sites. There is nothing in the tour that suggests the video's aren't downloadable. I comment on the updates because I haven't visited the site again since the day I joined even though I'm stuck paying for the month,
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:08/30/2012): Thanks for the comment. Though our review is outdated, the "Content" section at the top of the page shows only streaming videos are available. Also, one of the CONS for the site is "no full-length download option."

  • Comment by: terrible

    Score: N/A Date: 08/11/2012

    I think I know what these guys are up to . . . Apparently they stopped filming new updates and, fearing their members would simply download all the material from the site then cancel their membership, decided to only show their vids in streaming format. To make matters worse they totally gutted their gallery probably more than 90% of their updates so that they can recycle old updates each week and pawn them off as new. Personally, I don't think its all that stupid a business model if they indeed stopped shooting new updates. I think they just figure their members are so addicted to their girls that they'll continue to fork over money each month to continue seeing them. To all you complainers out there, I say prove them wrong - don't give them your money. Then maybe they'll put all their updates back up in downloadable format!

  • Comment by: NOW im angry

    Score: 1% Date: 08/10/2012

    Just signed up for this site minutes ago. I regret it already and want my money back. You cant download ANYTHING thats new, only the old videos are available for download. And not even in a good manner, the site splits downloadable videos into 15-20 small mpegs that you have download piece by piece then as the site recommends "join them with an mpeg joiner" wtf? its 2012! The site doesnt even have a good way to sort through anything. You log-in and it says "model index" thats it. and its not in alphabetical either. Just ALL of the video models theyve worked with in random order (57 pages) and u have to go page to page til you find a model you like. then HOPE you can stream it. downside is, if it can be cant be downloaded. Not even in pieces. WORST porn site ive ever been a member of and i regret joining. Im cancelling my membership after 20 minutes.

    Pros: There ARE pretty models here
    Cons: You just cant download any of them, even though you paid for it. And what you can download, comes in 20 pieces. RIP...OFF

  • Comment by: Uncle Pete

    Score: N/A Date: 08/02/2012

    I recently joined this site (again): I was a member 2 years ago and it totally rocked (notice past tense). I just joined, and got burned for 30 bucks: the site did some major consumer sodomy. It 1) deleted dozens of the good vids that it used to have. 2) NONE of the new vids are downloadable 3) IT IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER RIP OFF. 30 bucks and you can't download anything. There is also ZERO customer support, unless you want to join this guy's Twitter/Facebook conversations. Just say NO, people. Just say NO!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment by: wellkissmyarse

    Score: 50% Date: 07/31/2012

    CON.Shame about the bad points as this could be a TERRIFFIC site. Real good idea, and so few white guy black teen sites about. as usual with CCbill rip off involved. IMHO BAD payment processor, try to avoid if poss. also later vids CANNOT be downloaded and no response from cust services. yes some old vids recycled.
    PRO. if you not been member before some great older vids (DOWNLOADABLE!) Very sexy girls great facials. some new vids, which are excellent BUT stream only and this is what ruins site.
    If all movies were downloadable AND all links working site would be a GREAT site, shame really!

  • Comment by: dont do it

    Score: 5% Date: 07/30/2012

    i almost just join this site again ..... but i remember why i have not joined this site for about 8 months now. They took the old vids away but still post them once a week as new updates. The girls in the twitter and other preview sites are not even on their site yet. You also will not be able to download most vids....they put some stupid system dont only let you stream videos. So you pay but cant download anything...just watch from their site. Its not worth your money trust me ...You will be more than dissappointed.

  • Comment by: Wardog

    Score: 45% Date: 02/11/2012

    This site is very misleading. They have a blog and twitter account with supposedly new girls but after you pay and subscribe you find that they are not there. This is a serious update scam ans 90% of the site is recycled old video from 3 to 5 years ago. This site provides no preview either

    Pros: Good potential, was a good site 6 years ago

    Cons: Misleading blog and twitter accounts makes you think there are new updates. No preview, recycled old content.

  • Comment by: AX

    Score: 20% Date: 11/29/2011

    This site is a complete ripoff. There are only approximately 5 pages with 6 videos each that you can actually view. Half of those videos can be downloaded. The rest of the pages (57 in total) say "Coming Soon!".

    The girls aren't that attractive and it's difficult to navigate. There is no way to sort the videos by date, model, scene, etc. It's just a table at the top of the site with a bunch of numbers and you have to click through each page. The models are not in a particular order.

    Quality of videos are ok, but there are better sites out there.

    STAY AWAY!!!

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/05/2011): Thanks for the comment! We are trying to update it.

  • Comment by: 2011 sept review

    Score: 5% Date: 08/30/2011

    This site needs a new review....YOU CAN NOT DOWNLOAD VIDEOS FROM THIS SITE ANYMORE. you can only watch them. This guy also took away the super old videos and he is reposting them as new videos.This site is not worth a penny your money and download the torrent.

  • Comment by: don

    Score: 80% Date: 10/14/2010

    I would love to see more of Anna halos.

  • Comment by: Tony

    Score: 80% Date: 08/24/2010

    Most porn is either highly mediocre or flat out sucks! I love black girls with white guys. As far as young black girls (not all are teens of course, but they are all young) with white guys porn goes these are the hottest black "teens" online. For me these are the best looking porn site girls period. The problems with the site for me are its all POV, all the same guy, most of the sex has NO CHEMISTRY and 2/3rds of the scenes use a condom. There is NOTHING freaky about the sex...I have better sex then this guy does! Most of the sex is...tame...and the chicks sure don't seem to be that into it. His repetitive "interviews" bore me. He's not as annoying or distracting as the dude or camera guy on some sites who don't shut up...but he detracts from the scenes.
    My girlfriend won't watch ANY of these scenes with me, cuz the girls are too young...keep that in mind if you are looking for something to watch as couple.
    Despite all my criticism this is still one of the best sites on line. The girls are just so damn sexy. Most are beautiful & great bodies. I recomend signing up for a month and downloading all you can save. I sign up for it once a year.
    Other black girl w white guy sites I like: Round & Brown, Ghetto Gaggers, Ghetto Hootchies (the older scenes w TT Boy are great, but not a lot of them). If you like black girls w black guys, there are tons of those sites.

  • Comment by: gd

    Score: 10% Date: 08/21/2010

    this is basically fraud just like the Examples are 640 wmv and after you pay the content is 320 mpeg . The so called bonus link to doesn't work and the guy making the money off this site is laughing all the way to the bank..DONT WATSE YOUR MONEY FOLKS!!!

  • Comment by: ken

    Score: 90% Date: 08/07/2010

    many extremely sexy girls. on this site i have seen smokin black girls i have not seen elsewhere. it would be nice to view an entire scene. i will stay with ebt a while just because the chicks are so hot and the video quality is pretty good. i must say again: one of the best sites ever for the number of very sexy black girls. and many of the girls look like the girl next door or someone you would see at the store. quite natural.

  • Comment by: louis martinez

    Score: 40% Date: 07/24/2010


  • Comment by: Dizzle

    Score: 10% Date: 05/05/2010 is trash! It was once the preeminent website featuring black women in interracial action. Now it has become a bait and switch scam. Subscribers are given access to,,, and All of these websites are fraudulent! As mentioned above, the scenes are divided in to clips for viewing/download; behind that, some of the scenes video/audio synchronization is out-of-sync. The talent's lips are moving, but the words don't come out! It's like watching an old, Chinese kung-fu movie with English dubbed translation.

    Second, the recent updates are as large as 1 - 2 GB. They are so large it is impractical to stream or download the clips. You will spend so much time waiting for one clip to download, that you will, most likely, watch a scene over one or two days. Considering the amount of content, you may spend money on a subscription renewal just to feel as if you got your money's worth.

    Third, the site is not offering what it promises. Even though the site is old and has slowed down, someone is still running it. That person, whoever they are, is responsible for misleading consumers because there are quite a few lies behind! The tour page has not been updated in at least a year, as far as I can tell. The "featured updates" in the members' area are not uploaded when they are due. Plus, some videos and links in the members' area do not work!

    Basically, you should keep you credit card in your pocket because has run its course and is not worth subscribing to.

  • Comment by: customer

    Score: 50% Date: 04/28/2010

    I am a current member of the site right now. It is Wednesday and still no update. Some options are gone (like the update page ). Videos are cool but don't expect a lot of new material during your 30 day membership. No pictures either. Some videos don't work and alot of the older videos are gone now to make room for the new ones. The site is ran and updated very lazy.

  • Comment by: fernando

    Score: 30% Date: 03/28/2010

    Very good!

  • Comment by: mike

    Score: 1% Date: 03/23/2010

    the reason why i wont join this site is because there are no trailers to give an idea of whats inside. From my experience those are the kind of sites that will end up disappointing you.Look at blackicepass, or bangbros, you have access to a trailer to each and every movie inside. Thats why they are the biggest sites

  • Comment by: Uberspud

    Score: 65% Date: 03/18/2010

    Either the best ebony site ever or one of the most mediocre, it really depends on what you want. 1) All of the movies are shot in Point of View style; the stud is holding the camera while doing the deed. 2) The movies are broken up into lots of little bits. For the earlier movies this isn't a huge problem because they are smaller. Later movies are in c.20 parts! 3) Yes, the girl in the beige top in the site picture (>>>) is as sexy naked as she looks clothed.
    This site isn't really worth the irritation it will cause you. If you join, ignore the recent stuff and enjoy the early stuff; quick to download and sexy.

  • Comment by: customer

    Score: 70% Date: 02/06/2010

    This site has alot a black girls BUT.... In 2010 the site doesn't update but once every two weeks. They lie and say they updated once a week but They dont update like that anymore. They show you a picture of the girl for the next update and then they put another girl in instead of the one they showed you. This site is pretty much crap now. They must be having alot of tech problems. I wish they would give me my money back. The updates are never on time.