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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Spanking Online is a site dedicated to teaching naughty chicks how to behave correctly by administering proper physical punishment. You'll see bad babes spanked, ass-slapped with shoes, caned, and whipped with switches along with some other methods of applying brutal, remedial correction.

SpankingOnline is not a very attractive site, as it's kind outdated and bland on the inside, but navigation is alright once you figure it out. The kink falls into several categories including OTK (over the knee), domestic, severe and a few more depending on the section you visit. There are also archives going back several years.

In total, there are 386 videos and 481 sets of pics and new stuff is being added to the website every three or four days. The films are often downloadable in short clips or full-length files. Playback for the older scenes is mostly in RealPlayer format, while the majority of them come in Windows Media format.

The WMVs generally look better than the RealPlayer ones from what I saw and they all look better than the quality numbers would suggest. The best movies arehigh-def and the best photos are high-res. The bummer is that they post the movies in clips, so it can take a bit of time to get a full flick.

The different scenes take you through matrons punishing lasses who have been willful, strict ballet teachers who want only the best dancing from the ballerinas in their care, Headmasters who need to keep their students in line and more. The red, swollen flesh of tender tushes is smacked again and again and, thanks to the HD videos, you'll see every glistening bead of sweat and teardrop.

In all honesty, I don't think my tender tush could take even a spank from a hand, let alone a rubber shoe, a cane or a leather strap. The butt cheeks are a-rippling from each slap! The scenes have both female and male spankers and sometimes there are two misbehaving babes that get punished at the same time.

Content isn't all exclusive and many of the scenes are taken from various movies and other sites in the network (they say so right on the site). However, much of it does seem to at least be exclusive to the network. In the end, Spanking Online is worthwhile for any true connoisseur of disciplinary action.

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