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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Girls Boarding School is about bad schoolgirls getting what's coming to them for their many misdeeds. It's a huge spanking site, with hardcore ass spanking, whipping and paddling scenes, but it doesn't have the nicest design.

The way GirlsBoardingSchool organizes its content has changed over time. There are no more sections or theme categories. All the content is on the homepage. There's a search option to find exactly what you're looking for, like areas, models, spankers, implements and clothes. You can search by one or a combination of them.

You can rate scenes and leave comments, but you can only sort the content to show the top 100 rather than listing all the shoots based on their ratings. Still, each scene is nicely displayed. You get four preview thumbnails and there are stats on the side telling you the viewer rating, number of comments, amount of photos, videos, video stills, clips and/or if there's a full-length version and shoot details, like cast, wardrobe and props used.

There are 592 videos of girls getting their asses spanked till they're beet-red. It turns out that they are mostly below average in quality and come in RealPlayer files. Still, you'll find over 230 that come in Windows Media format with average to great-quality playback and just over 135 that come in MP4s ranging from average right up to HD.

It seems as if only the flicks with an MP4 option can be streamed and the simple embedded player doesn't have any controls that allow you to skip ahead or back in the footage.

You can check out 404 photo galleries and I must say that when it comes to maintaining a consistently higher-quality standard they outperform the vids considerably. There may be some slight variation in their size, but they all qualify as high-res images. You can download them in Zip files, but I should mention that a spread often comes subdivided into two or three smaller sets.

Apparently at one point you got bonus sites, but they've been replaced with 80 streaming-only flicks taken from various other spanking sites produced by the same company. If you try to download one of them you will be prompted to join the site they come from.

I did think at first that this collection had stopped updating. However, after a few days away from the site when I went back in I received an alert about new content being added. You will only see that info once and otherwise the content on the site isn't dated. At any rate, they only add a few clips at a time so a complete movie takes at least a month to be added.

Even taking that into consideration, the biggest negative is the first month's membership at almost $35, but there's a cheaper rebill that's just under $30. However, Girls Boarding School would need more of its superior-quality vids to make it worth the money.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Larissa

    Score: 50% Date: 01/28/2016

    The older content is fine and worth to join if you haven't seen it - whether you like or not "Master Tom" and the way he is talking. Some pretty girls are spanked in the older clips.
    Unfortunately, now there are no more regular updates. Keep away if you are hoping for a larger amount of newly filmed girls.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 30% Date: 02/17/2015

    To all intents and purposes, this site is dead. Hardly any new updates, it is a sad shadow of its former self and is obvious that they do not wish to carry on. Great site if you never saw the archives which is why I'd give it 30% as many films are in small screen quality. I'd pay big time if they remastered everything from the past to the best possible and put it as a new site!

  • Comment by: masterblaster

    Score: 30% Date: 10/16/2013

    The newstart was just 2 movies. Since august no updates.

  • Comment by: masterblaster

    Score: 50% Date: 08/21/2013

    The rating can raise if they start to update. There has been a new start?!? in august with a new spanker and a new girl but still we don't now if this is just another little intermediate from them. Regularity with updates and girls looking like schoolgirls is needed if you should join. Anyway if you are new to the site it has some lovely old scenes that makes it worth a month or to.

  • Comment by: Jerry Garcia

    Score: 40% Date: 01/09/2013

    Updates are very rare that you will likely not see one if you purchase a one month subscription. Also the updates are incremental: "Photo Set 1" is released followed by (weeks later) "Photo Set 2". The videos are released in segments and not complete files. Older content is decent; most of the older videos have 'full download' available. Frequently I found the photo zip sets do not extract properly. Any negative user comments on the site are typically removed. "Headmaster Tom" has a habit to talk incessantly throughout the scenes - so much that I find myself muting the vids. Basically - if you sign up, it's going to be for their older content.

  • Comment by: Masterblaster

    Score: 10% Date: 10/01/2012

    Don´t join it if you want updates. It seems to stopped any activity since half a year ago.

  • Comment by: Mikhelin

    Score: 40% Date: 02/15/2010

    I had a member this show 2 years ago. Today, I find no interest to see a perfect position OTK anymore. Two years ago, Director of the film was a German that he did a good talent, Now I just found out he traded new show with a Hollywood wanna be little guy that lost his taste on a real OTK actions,,,,, too short for him to turn broads on his knee. New talent is gone worsen. Too bad, all these broads are best looking ever I had watched. I'm still wait for a replacement director before I restate membership. I wish they replace better performance as to replace their broads instead having old broads on the stage. No choice!

  • Comment by: Jerry Jones

    Score: 50% Date: 11/18/2009

    It's a pity that the directors of the GBS site don't really understand what CP is all about. They have fantastic girls and excellent locations but they don't have enough imagination. I got bored with the same scenes and same girls all the time. I need more realism.

  • Comment by: Spankfun

    Score: 65% Date: 06/27/2009

    The best time at Girls Boarding School is over. The old stuff is great but since Headmaster Tom has retired (mostly), the new spankers are amateurish and most of the (few) models need to workout.