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With this raunchy website, you get to choose the parts of the scenes you want to watch and in what order. Decide what happens next and then watch it again with a different outcome. This is interactive/choose-your-own-adventure porn and it all looks great. You certainly get a unique experience with this fun website so you can feel very good about joining it.

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A.K. Anderson

Review done by A.K. Anderson

Published Dec 11, 2011

Pros and Cons

  • great-looking videos
  • many interactive options
  • free sign-up option
  • no download option
  • no keyword tags
  • can't save favorites

I took my time surfing around Saboom before I felt comfortable enough to tell you about it. I knew they called themselves an interactive porn site, but what that really meant felt a little unclear. Now that I've made the rounds I can let you all know what the deal is.

There are two main parts on Saboom and they are both in the "shows" section. There you will find 201 hot porn vids covering various categories and a collection of, what they call, nine "story shows." In all, there are 210 videos that cover everything from anal to solo. They are advertised as HD and presented as thumbnails that you just need to click on to begin viewing. So where is the interactive part?

Well, first off you can create a playlist from all the parts that make up the 201 normal scenes. Wanna start with doggy-style anal, then move to the deep-throat blowjob and then the cowgirl position? You can do it. Want to put the money shot in the middle? That's up to you. Create your own porn movie from all the parts and then sit back and enjoy it. All the vids are streaming-only and look great. However, there aren't any pics.

You can also just let the scene play out and at certain points you will be asked what you want to see next. Another cool feature is that as you watch you will see a little POV indicator light up. This means you can watch the current action in POV if you choose.

The "story shows" are designed like porn versions of those "choose your own adventure" books many of us read growing up. In one of them I was on a porn set and got to choose which character I was going to be, like the director or actor. Then I picked which chick I wanted to star in the movie and I took her through her day, from arriving on set to the money shot. I decided if she showered or put on lotion. Then I decided if I wanted to see her go through makeup or head right to the set.

Once on set I picked the position and actions until I finally had her bend over for a money shot all over her hot ass (then I went back and did a creampie and a boob money shot just so I could see them all). Sure, it's a bit of a gimmick, but honestly it's also fun and a really nice way to check out the parts of the videos that you most care about. I spent quite a bit of time here and found myself re-watching scenes with different outcomes.

And while most of the decisions have to do with the sex, there are often a few fun ones. Like in one story where I had to decide if my guy was macho or a gentleman. With "macho" he went and left the door open for the chick who was arriving. With the gentleman variation, he opened the door for her when she got there and walked her back to the living room.

The content isn't dated, but there is mention of when the next update is set to arrive. There are 50 more videos now compared to our last visit about 15 months ago, so it looks like they're adding a new scene about three times a month. Also, if you are still a little unsure, you can sign up for free. It will obviously get you access to a very limited amount of content, but it does give you a better sense of how it all works before deciding if you want to pay.

Another thing that might convince you to give the site a shot is the fact that you can now chat with pornstars live and watch some sizzling sex scenes together. Where else but your wildest dreams can you experience something like that? In the end, Saboom is a ton of fun and I can't think of any other site online that offers a similar experience. It's definitely worth joining if you're in the market for a website that's completely different from everything else out there.

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Customer Reviews

  • By Wp88dave on Dec 20, 2015

    Limited trail period has ended en now i want cancel my acount but now custumer care mailed me that I only can cancel my account by send them a fax or I have to write them a letter ...I mean wtf!? I don't have epoch as billir (to bad) but how can I now cancel...(billing by sepa) The site it self is for iPad users a no go....(me included) :S

  • By on Jun 29, 2015

    I tried the trial and was really upset with the flase advertising on the HD. The only HD content I was able to see was in the intros to the scenes and that varied between 1080/720. All of the other clips of the "show" were 480. 480 is not HD, I mean at least give me 720. I like the ability to mix up a scene but I wish one could just download their clip, the streaming sucks. Also I have seen pictures around the net but for some reason they no longer have them on there site. For the amount of money they charge I expect better quality and more updates.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/29/2015): Thank you for the review, gk. Be sure to check our review next time, as we note that the site is without HD. If you can't find the site you're looking to join, contact us and we'll get it sorted.

  • By 66Socks on Jun 25, 2015

    This is a unique site with some nice scenes but I cannot find the cancel button!!!! I want to cancel my subscription and it doesn't allow me to do so. All the support lines/telephones are in German and unhelpful. Does anyone have any advise?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/26/2015): Hi 66Socks. I sent you an email. If you ever find difficulty cancelling from a site, start with the biller. In this case, Saboom's biller is Epoch and they provide an easy-to-use cancellation form.

  • By Chaos on Apr 03, 2013

    A decent site content-wise and innovation-wise, but their billing is VERY different; on the side of being a scam compared to most sites. My card declined their renewal because of the way they did it (according to the company) and the 'card declined' message is usually the end of it; Saboom customer service insists that I need to pay them for the renewal before I get 'penalties'. VERY SHADY, will not respond to my emails regarding having NEVER USED THE ACCOUNT IN THIS TIME PERIOD, and I am not even sure if they are capable (service department, that is) of speaking english, just german. Join if you like, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL.

  • By Daniel on Apr 17, 2012

    I just don´t get the sense behind this saboom stuff. I tried it two times and the quality of the videos is just great but the usp of the product is a disadvantage for people like me. I wanna sit down, enjoy and at some point i wanna see unexpected things. But whats even worse for me is the fact that the videos don´t look very authentic. They have to shoot those videos over and over again and they don´t even have a chance to get real horny. Its a shame cause i love the company behind Saboom. But i just don´t like that product. Bye Daniel.

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