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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Just the other day I was buying some groceries and a man stopped me. He was an older gentleman, wearing a pinstripe suit and a bowler hat. He had a walking stick with the silver head of President Truman at the top and he wore bright-green converse sneakers. The man pulled out a wad of cash, looked at me with a completely straight face and said, "Son, if you can show me some hot lesbian babes on my iPhone, ill give you all this money."

I grabbed his phone, told him to wait right there and went running through the store. In the cereal aisle I found two hot chicks chatting over an oversized box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I offered them $100 each to let me take a picture of them kissing and they said okay. I paid them and ran back to the old man and showed him the photo.

The man said thank you and handed over the money. It would have been a whole lot easier to just show him how to surf to the Hot Lez Babes Mobile site. And as it turns out, the wad of money was just a 50 dollar bill wrapped around about 70 $1 bills, so I ended up losing money in the deal.

So what would the old man have seen had I just sent him to HotLezBabesMobile? Well, he would have found a German site with solo and lesbian content. Yup, I said solo also. The site might have the word "Lez" right there in the URL, but it looks like a little over half of the 63 scenes are solo stripteases. The videos all stream on your phone and they look average.

The "German" part is also kind of important given that most of the buttons and writing on the site is in German. Usually, things are easy enough to figure out, but every so often it does require some guesswork as to what a tap on the screen will do, or where it will take you. Nothing is dated, so I have no idea how often they are updating. Also, with no pagination, you can't skip ahead to a page, but must go back and forth one at a time.

The site is filled with too many solo-babe scenes, the videos are average in quality and there aren't any bonuses to add value. So looking back on my encounter with the old man, while I lost money in the transaction, he probably wouldn't have been to happy if I had taken his cash and then made him also pay for a membership to Hot Lez Babes Mobile. I should have just tried to negotiate the cereal chicks down to a cheaper price for the picture.

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