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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I don't like being tickled. So much so that I warn anyone that may be touching my feet to be very careful as I might not be able to control the kicking and other violent actions that goes along with it. That being said, I have found out - through my time on Tickle Chicks - that I do enjoy watching cute girls get tickled.

The tickle niche is a small one, but that hasn't stopped TickleChicks from creating a site that seems to really appreciate the genre. And the fact that they usually use cute chicks to tickle the other cute chicks just makes it that much better in my mind.

The site is colorful and "cute" (in fact, they even call it the cutest tickling site on the Web). However, there is no way to navigate the content other than going from page to page to page. This is okay when there are only a few videos, but there are 460 videos and there are five to a page. Going through all the pages is obviously a bit of a pain - especially if you want to go back and find a specific scene. For better or for worse, there aren't any photo sets to search for.

Aside from the issues with navigation, there are pretty much only good things to say about the site. It often updates twice a week, the vids are available for download and many come in HD. In some cases, you have the choice of grabbing the videos as MP4s or Windows Media files.

The flicks run for about 10 minutes and they're packed with tickling. We get introductions and some talking, but pretty soon after the camera comes on the tickling and the crazy laughter starts (depending on who is being tickled of course). I appreciated that this was all genuine tickling and laughing and not fake tickle action.

Seeing as how updates get posted as frequently as they do, you should never be without content to enjoy, especially given how long it will take you to get through all the existing content. There are also two bonus sites that you can check out, namely Addie Juniper and Peko Lux.

If you get off on seeing girls get tickled, I think you'll find that Tickle Chicks is worth your time and money. The site's got a lot of material and it's high in quality too, so it's sure to tickle your fancy.

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