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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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When you were growing up, you probably dreaded hearing the awful word "spanking." Now that you're all grown up, a large number of you tremble with excitement at the mere prospect. On Women Spanking Men, all those fantasies of having your rear disciplined by a stern woman come true.

Now, being a spanking site, there are some pretty extreme scenes on WomenSpankingMen. As you browse you're greeted by eight Mistresses who have scenes associated with them. There are about 311 photo sets of the spanking underworld and many are high-res.

The pictures chronicle each encounter, whether it be a simple spanking with a cane or more extreme beatings with metal rods. Rather than providing your typical hardcore content, these images simply show the spanking. There is little female nudity. Instead, you'll see different types of men bent over and baring their buns for a little discipline. At the end of each, their backsides are bruised.

Of course, I am all for erotic photography, but the pictures don't do a modicum of justice to this type of content. You'll have to check out the videos to really see what is so special about spankings. Each of the 350 or so movies have downloadable RealPlayer files and all the ones I saved gave me good-quality footage.

As you watch the videos you'll see the pert bottoms of willing male participants bared and then beaten. As they redden, you'll hear agonized/ecstatic groans their butts take the abuse. In the end, those bottoms are black and blue, but the men have a look of satisfaction on their faces that isn't comparable to mere hardcore satisfaction.

The site isn't terribly hard to navigate. You can get to the latest updates and, as I've mentioned, all the content is broken down by disciplinarian. My complaint is the lack of pagination. You have to rely on "next" and "previous" buttons to sift through the pages. It would also be nice to get some keywords, so you can seek out specific implements.

This site doesn't have any extras, but what makes it special is the ability for you to schedule your own spanking session and there are online forms outlining the process. Since many videos are added in parts, you can expect about two complete movies in a 30-day period.

Taking discipline to a newer, more stylish level, Women Spanking Men shows that powerful women are not necessarily a thing to be feared. These dominating vixens beat and slap submissive pale bottoms into a fiery red mess and as the men groan with ecstasy at each slap, you'll realize that pain often goes hand in hand with pleasure.

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