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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Thailand is famous as an erotic destination for dudes from around the world. They go to be treated like kings by women just looking to please (for the right price, of course). But when these guys come back from their sex vacation, what are they supposed to do with all those pictures and videos they have taken of their conquests? Send them to Submit Your Thai of course!

SubmitYourThai looks good when you sign in, but it isn't as well organized as I would have liked. The biggest problem is that not all the videos and photo sets are separated. Yes, you will find only videos in the "thai videos" section and only photos in "thai photos," but there also three other sections: "thai submit," "member upload" and "member submit." There's a mix of vids and pics in the "member submit" section, and it seems the other two just contain photos.

This gets kind of frustrating as you look for videos, because you need to click on every thumbnail and see if it takes you to a page with a picture or a Flash player that starts to load. Because of this, counting wasn't easy, but I came up with about 200 sets of pictures and 62 videos.

Despite its navigation problems, the site does present mostly amateur Thai chicks as you hoped they would. The member-submitted content really does appear to be taken by sex tourists who have picked up various go-go dancers and "bar girls" and had some good times with them. The scenes come with a very brief description, but I would have liked to learn more about how they met.

Some of the pics appear to be vid caps. Those that aren't are high-res and look really good, but you can't download them in Zip files. The videos range in quality, but it looks like you can expect mostly good-quality footage.

The site looks to be updating throughout the various sections and they've added three new videos in the last month. Your membership also comes with access to five Asian bonus sites, including Lulu Sex Bomb and Tussinee.

Better organization and more videos would be great, but you are still getting some value with a Submit Your Thai membership. And after this, you may just have to head across the ocean and experience it all for yourself. Just be aware of the daily download limit.


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  • Comment by: Jesse

    Score: 90% Date: 03/15/2013

    I joined and this site is a bonus. And wow, its a great bonus! I was definitely happy to see such a big quality site that was included in my purchase. I love to see all the amateur girls of all different sizes and age. Fun stuff.