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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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"What a scandal," I thought when I first saw the name of this site, thinking P. Diddy and Serena Williams had an affair and there is a sex tape of the whole thing. Well, obviously not, because Diddy And Serena are both white teens. So if Diddy and Williams fucked and made a sex tape they can sleep easy tonight knowing that it is still hidden.

The DiddyAndSerena tour makes some big promises with their statement that "two of the most popular amateur teen models online come together for the first time in an amazing crossover site that you won't believe." First, I have never heard of these two. I have seen a lot of porn and visited a lot of sites and they have never crossed my radar. But I don't claim to know everything, so it is possible that these two cuties are as popular as the site claims. However, the "amazing crossover site" part is one I can't let them get away with.

There are 51 photo sets and 13 videos. It actually looks like there are more vids than that, but it's only because the movies are split up into multiple clips. You can stream them through an embedded Flash player and download them in a couple of formats, namely MP4 and MPEG, but both offer average-quality playback.

The content brings you softcore action that's a lot of fun. I never saw Diddy's or Serena's pussy and they only bared their cute little breasts a few times. They usually keep their tits covered while they wear sexy outfits, have photos snapped of them, hang out and joke around. The girls are very cute, sweet and silly and it is their personalities and interactions that are at the heart of the site and the content (when it is good). However, they aren't so awesome that I would call anything about this site awesome.

Your membership comes with 12 bonus sites, including First Time Filmed and Lizzie HD. Maybe they thought that with such a strong statement about how amazing the site was I "wouldn't believe" how average it actually is. And since they aren't updating anymore, Diddy And Serena isn't going to get any bigger or better. There isn't really enough content for this site to be worth it on its own.

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