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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Is that your cell phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Maybe, it's a bit of both, because if you've had a chance to check out Extra Big Dicks Mobile, your happiness might be very apparent by the throbbing bulge or growing wet spot in your crotch. Still, controlling your excitement might be a battle more easily won than the one these poor men must wage each time they've got a raging hard-on to contend with.

I generally can shift a bit in my seat and sort of hide it behind my keyboard drawer, so my colleague Chris Parker doesn't notice the tent I'm pitching when I'm a bit too hard at work. At least I think he doesn't notice. If I was one of the dudes on ExtraBigDicksMobile though, I imagine an erection would be the proverbial elephant in the room hoisting up the Big Top, even with an entire desk to hide behind.

At any rate, there are 576 videos updated on a weekly basis. You're actually getting 288 episodes that include an interview video and then have separate footage showing the actual actions, but no photos. I would say that they look great on a small screen of a portable device and that some of these guys are so well-endowed that it's amazing they can fit their entire dicks into one frame.

That's especially true when the scene you're watching involves two of these hung hunks sucking and fucking. Seeing a pair of these gifted performers together makes it clear to me that those extra-large condoms down at the drugstore aren't merely there as some kind of marketing ploy. These boys definitely fill the target demographic in the most realistic manner.

Just watching them I could go through a tube of lube on my own and I imagine that shooting some of the scenes requires equally as much. You don't want to try and squeeze these kinds of meaty monsters between two buns without lathering them up with plenty of special sauce first. In the end, Extra Big Dicks Mobile shrinks the kind of giant cocks that fill two hands down to fully satisfying palm-sized servings.

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