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Updated on: 07/24/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • There are a few more scenes, but all the sites in the network stopped updating back in 2013.

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Suite 703 is home to some of the hottest gay porn on the Internet. They've got some of the top names in the biz, like Brad Benton and Girth Brooks. Besides a bevy of top-notch gay pornstars, they also bring you every kind of guy you can imagine, from twinks to hairy older hunks to lean jocks to beefy musclemen. You'll even see some straight guys who go gay-for-pay rather convincingly.

Suite703 is actually a mega-site that brings you four hot sites: Im A Married Man, Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, Men Hard At Work and My Brothers Hot Friend. Whether gay or heterosexual, the models tend to be masculine and many have body and facial hair, while quite a few have tattoos and piercings. They're also usually hung.

The individual sites give you lots of ways to browse the content (like body type, role, type of action, etc.), but there's no option to just browse the entire network together, which is somewhat disappointing. The network homepage does give you a look at the most recent updates from all the sites, though, so that's one way to get a quick look at the overall network at a glance.

So, I went through each of the sites and counted up all the content and overall you'll find 399 videos and I was also happy to see that most of them come in Full HD. A bunch of different file types and sizes are listed. You'll find pics for each movie and you can download all 399 photo sets in convenient Zip files.

Some scenes play out the fantasy of men having affairs and regardless of whether or not any are really married, the action is passionate. If locker rooms get you hot and bothered, then you'll love the jock-on-jock site. You can see dudes in various workplace situations seducing coworkers and clients. I'm not sure if any real brothers appear in any of the scenes, but who hasn't fantasized about getting naughty with a sibling's best bud?

Extras include access to a members' forum and discounts to third-party sites. Live cams and an online store are also linked to, but their services cost extra. The sites all date their content and based on those dates I can tell you that there hasn't been anything added to any of the sites since 2013 (I'm going to go out on a limb and say they've all stopped updating).

My job is to look at lots of porn sites, which can make me rather choosy about what I like. These sites are always a pure delight, though, because besides the outstanding quality, the guys are very attractive in an often masculine way. Suite 703 is a sweet deal that I highly recommend even if new scenes have stopped coming in, so be sure to check it out.

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  • Comment by: wizbang_fl

    Score: 72% Date: 01/26/2013

    Suite 703 was in somewhat of a limbo for a good 6 or more months. But they appear to be back to work. The site is divided into different "sites" similar to Next Door, to 703's credit they don't make to sign in to look at each site (something next door should learn) A number of the video's are really good, and the site has a nice blend of top performing porn stars and some lesser known models. This gives a nice blend for varied tastes. The site tries to give some of a minimal plot to the videos which is a nice change. Dislike the new addition of webcam by the minute integrated into the site. Many sites list it as a "feature" when it is a simple way to increase there revenue. Video resolution is good and content is downloadable. Site is a decent value if they keep a update schedule in place. The rating is based on the updates to date.

    Content Quality 12/15
    Usability 7/10
    Updates 4/10
    Content Amount 12/15
    Value 9/10
    Unique Content 10/15
    Stream/Download 8/10
    Resolution Quality 8/10
    Features 2/5

    It's a good site, but misses on the addition of the pay cam portion of the site and consistency of updates.