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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

We may not remember the exact moment it occurred, but we've all experienced it. You see an attractive woman and your mind wanders to what she looks like beneath her clothes. You think of her soft tummy, round breasts and smooth buttocks. AMOC (A Measure of Curiosity) is a site that revels in that simple, sexy enthusiasm without tantalizing clothing or exotic lingerie.

On AMOC, lovely ladies take off their casual clothes in a pedestrian way, with little to no playing to the camera or trying to be sexy. The content is broken up into categories that begin with a single naked model and work their way up to group nudity.

"Solo strips" is self-explanatory as women get naked by themselves, like they're getting ready to go to bed or jump in the shower. "Audition strips" feature the model having her clothes removed by someone else. "Audience strips" is where the model removes her clothes in front of a group, usually two or three other women. "Stories" has a group of women getting naked.

There's a single sentence explaining the story being told in the pictures (basically, a quick premise), but it's not necessary to appreciate what you see. Navigating from one section to another is easy enough, but the design is quite bland as it's nothing but preview thumbs on a dark-gray background.

There are 30 videos and 162 photo sets. The picture sets focus on those in-between moments that would normally be discarded from a gallery. For example, one set has a cute blonde removing her workout gear and several consecutive pics focus on her wriggling her foot out of the leg hole. There are normally 50 high-res pics in a set, with Zip files. There is also a slideshow, but the icon for it is small and somewhat hidden in the top left of the page.

The videos are available for download as MP4 files that sometimes provide good-quality playback, but most are average in quality. They run three to four minutes each, or about the time it would take someone to normally remove their clothes. You can also stream a lower-quality version. The models are British, so if you have a thing for accents you're in for a treat.

One issue with the vids is the camerawork, which can be quite unwieldy. Sometimes the constant camera movement gives the scenes a documentary feel and can actually heighten the excitement. Other times you just wish it would stop moving, so you could focus all your attention on the beautiful ladies.

Photo updates can be as far as two months apart and there's actually only been one new gallery in the last 30 days. There hasn't been a new movie since November 2011. Considering the size of the galleries and the length of the videos, the collection is somewhat small. As such, AMOC will keep you entertained for a bit with its original concept, but it will be some time before it becomes a go-to destination.

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