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Updated on: 12/25/2014

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
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Since we last visited FemmeFataleFilms...

  • The site has continued to grow steadily.
  • You'll find that a few videos qualify as HD (more are marked as HD that aren't).

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An archetype that dates as far back as recorded history, the femme fatale is a mysterious woman who ensnares men into unbalanced relationships where they hold the upper hand. It's fitting that this term is where Femme Fatale Films took its name, as Femdom activity is on full display.

One of the nice elements of the site is its design. It has a classic Hollywood-noir feel that's sexy and sinister, befitting of a site called FemmeFataleFilms. You'll find 340 videos, each with a gallery of pics. The scenes last around 20 minutes each and feature a rotating cast of Mistresses who exact their power on their subs.

In one scene, an angry boss calls in her submissive employee and punishes him for shoddy work. She has him get on his hands and knees and kiss her feet. She then makes him stand and smacks him across the face as hard as she can, followed by a barrage of insults. He's lucky he still has a job. Many scenes take place in dungeons and you'll find a bevy of masks and costumes on display.

You're given the option to stream the scenes in an embedded Flash player or download them as mostly good-quality MP4 files (they may be marked HD, but only a few so far have the stats for it). Updates are frequent, but only a seven-minute clip from a full-length film is released each time, giving you a complete movie about three or four times a month.

The clips aren't released in chronological order, though, so, for example, part three could be released 7 to 10 days after part two. When all the scenes are available, the complete film is then posted for streaming and downloading. The productions are high, though, and it's obvious that all the performers are experienced in their particular roles, which makes for some exciting viewing.

The size of the photo sets range from small to paltry, as you'll find as many as 40 and as few as four in a single gallery. It's disappointing, too, because the pics are high-res and every bit as good as the videos. Zip files are available, making them easy to save.

There aren't really any extras, but the news section is set up like a blog and you can read about updates as well as some of the Dommes in the media. Femme Fatale Films was off to a great start last time we stopped by and they haven't slacked off since. With high-quality Femdom porn, there's plenty to like about this site.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 85% Date: 03/18/2016

    Trying to subscribe for advertised $29.95 but site wants to charge me $34.95 ... what gives
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/21/2016): Hello. It appears the site has changed their membership pricing since our last review in 2014. We have adjusted the pricing and have contacted the webmaster to update our review. Thank you for the head's up.

  • Comment by: Milo.Renfield

    Score: 96% Date: 08/11/2015

    This site is one of my favorites! The Dominas are stunningly beautiful and diabolically cruel. Mistress Eleise de Lacy could read the phone book and drive me wild! The videos are original and real domination. The slaves really suffer- a lot! Great quality video and sound.

  • Comment by: Tony

    Score: 3% Date: 09/19/2014

    They are now advertising old films as new updates so beware the new content is just the old stuff rehashed and not new films

  • Comment by: willy

    Score: 90% Date: 01/01/2012

    simply exceptional

  • Comment by: Daveyboy

    Score: 100% Date: 06/11/2011

    Personally i have find your rating of this site to be less than paltry and does not go nearly far enough in praise for this awesome young site. I find it incredibly hard to believe you have graded so many sites far above the rating you have given for Sites that are clearly vastly inferior.
    This site has rocketed in content and style in the past few months since it's inauguration and is far and beyond many of the sites you have reviewed in your is by far the most improving,growing and developing site currently running in this genre,It is far above many of it's contemporaries world wide and possibly the UK's most innovative and forward thinking FemDom site and most likely soon to become UK's no1 FemDom site.
    The quality of filming is second to none, crisp clear, in focus and well edited footage keeps the viewer gripped to each movie,clear and precise movie plots with plenty of action,fresh and not overly glossy,with a sense of actual session feeling to each clip. Flowing action and dialogue, it gives the viewer an actual insight into BDSM/Femdom scene that many other high quality sites fail to do.Mistress Eleise' delivery and dialogue is beyond doubt awesome. Delivered with wit and seduction rarely seen She entices seduces and envelopes the viewer in such a way that one cannot help but fall under Her obvious charms She is without doubt a truly gifted and talented Domme who captures the viewers attention and imagination like no other.,The array of delightful stunning Dommes increases by the month and the variety of scenarios kinks and fetishes keeps the site fresh and vibrant unlike some similar sites that seem to be churning out the same old thing all the time.
    I truly believe this is one site worth keeping an eye on as it grows and improves at an outstanding rate of speed perhaps it maybe time to re-review your assessment of this awesome site,5 Stars