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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Your parents might have warned you not to venture into dark alleys when you were little, but they probably never told you to avoid The Black Alley. That's good because you won't have to go against their wishes to check out what this awesome site has to offer.

I'll be honest - when I saw that I was assigned the task of reviewing TheBlackAlley, I immediately assumed I'd be looking at hung black studs. Much to my surprise, though, there isn't a black fellow to be found. Instead, the site serves up Asian babes and I've got to say that it might just feature the sexiest ones I've ever seen.

The design is aesthetically pleasing, but navigation could be improved. For example, while there's a video section, you have to go through the two model indexes to find the majority of the photo sets. There's also bonus content in something called the "VIP zone." It would be nice if all the vids were found in one place and all the pics were in another. It would also be great if there was some sort of search engine because there's a lot of content.

There are presently 569 videos that can be downloaded in AVI files. The movies offer good-quality playback, so they're pretty easy on the eyes. It also doesn't hurt that they feature some of the cutest girls you'll ever see who put on sexy shows that mostly involve stripping, playing with their pussies and getting naughty with sex toys.

I checked out every single model on the site and got a grand total of 4,215 galleries. The pics are high-res (1600x1200) and gorgeous and you'll be glad to know that you can download them in Zip files. Like the vids, they mostly show the chicks getting naked and masturbating.

The extras from the "VIP zone" consist of even more vids and pics that follow in the same vein. There's a daily download limit to be mindful of, but that's where the bad news ends. Video updates come about nine times a month and new photo sets come almost daily, so this site is only getting bigger and better. If you love Asian chicks, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the ones on The Black Alley.

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  • Comment by: ginsenguy

    Score: 88% Date: 02/20/2014

    Back from about 2003 to 2007, I would follow the Asian girl picture groups on Yahoo and Google, and the Asian4You would be legendary among the avid Asian girl photo collectors. Since then I see Asian4You has been merged into The Black Alley, and after trying it out, I signed up for the 3 month deal to save a few bucks. Even so, I am still paying a little bit more per month than I am for the other subscriptions I have.
    But I am happy to do it because if you're a white guy into Asian girls like me (who has a Chinese GF), how can you not be into the Black Alley? I really like the site. I realize it's not going to be for every guy's taste - it's not like typical American Asian fetish porn fare or a Japanese megasite like alljapanesepass. With the limited navigation and download capabilities, no video player embedded on the site, not being able to save favorites, and the predictable formulas on the picture sets and the videos, it actually kind of has an amateurish feel to it, but that's OK. I know exactly what I'm going to be getting, and I like it.
    I like the look of the girls. To me, it's like they're cute, more than hot. They don't look like the Chinese girls and Korean girls I see here in New York City or on the type of sites I mentioned above. If I were going to Southeast Asia, I would want one of these models to be my adorable little fuck doll for the whole trip, and I would enjoy every minute of it. I like the color of their skin, and seeing them spread their pussies for the camera, and the close-ups. I enjoy the formula it follows for the photo sets and videos. The fact that so many of the shoots are outdoors by the woods or maybe, I don't know, by the jungle, reinforces my sex expedition fantasy.
    I hope the Black Alley keeps doing what they're doing, and I'll be a customer. Just like MetArt has never really changed, I don't think the unique Black Alley should either. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

  • Comment by: mark

    Score: 70% Date: 06/26/2013

    When you first get into the sight you see a lot of really good looking uncensored girls, the photography is very good even in high res, but then you click on a girl and pose after posr, girl after girl, is the same pose, too many toy poses, sleazy lip spreading, ifter about 4 girls you've seen it all. I dropped my membership after a month.

  • Comment by: Rob

    Score: 75% Date: 03/05/2013

    I've been an on and off member of the site for a long time since it was A4Y. It's because I have interest in some particular models. Some of them are incredibly beautiful and sexy (at least for me). The photo and video quality look fine to me. If I have to say the con, I'd be the lack of creative recently. Maybe they've been doing this for too long. The 2007 and 2008 content are way much better than 2012 one.

    I don't know for the other members, but for me the service is not bad. I sometimes got blocked because of the download limit. Just email them, they'll unblock me. (or maybe I'm a long-time customer)

  • Comment by: William

    Score: 10% Date: 12/17/2012

    You've got to be kidding me. The Black Alley and A4Y has got to be the most boring crap in the known universe. Why? All the passion and immediacy has been sucked out by over-processing the photos. The skin on these girls looks like it has been cloned from a Barbie doll. Perfect is BORING! Bland and uninteresting. I get a bigger thrill looking at the lingerie section of the Sears catalog.

  • Comment by: tho

    Score: 20% Date: 08/29/2012

    Account canceled less than 24 hour, does not provide any explanation until I asked them ( account removed due to VPN service with different IP address) will not issue refund or reply to my email.

    Good selection

    navigation of the website

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:08/30/2012): Thanks for the comment. If you think you were cancelled without cause, contact us by one of the methods above and we can look into the issue for you.