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Updated on: 08/23/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1384
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited DanielleFTV...

  • More than 100 photo sets have been added, but what's really exciting is that you'll find 500 more videos. The bulk of the video updates (two or three times a week) are in her "video logs," which tend to be short and sweet.
  • It doesn't seem as though she does a live cam show directly on her site anymore and even the archived performances don't seem to be functioning.

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The FTV network came about with a mission to find beautiful amateur babes and get them on video for the first time (FTV = First Time Video). They have succeeded in their mission over the years and have brought us some of the hottest chicks and content out there. Danielle FTV is no exception.

Danielle is a twentysomething blonde with some nice curves (she wears this tight pink dress in the video of her 22nd birthday party that accentuates those curves so nicely). I wasn't sure how big her tits were, but I found a video interview in which she admitted to having a DD cup. Her site, DanielleFTV, is a nice mix of pro and candid content that will give you a full view of what she's all about.

There are currently 784 videos and 321 photo sets and they're split up into professional and candid material. Danielle is adding new videos 2-3 a week, with new photo sets added weekly. The pictures are high-res and downloadable in Zip files. The movies are amazing in quality in many cases and when it comes to those found in "professional" section, the newer ones come in Full HD. There's no option to stream them, though.

The site is easy to navigate, although I did find myself back on the tour page a couple of times and there's no way to search/filter the content if you're looking for, say, solo, lesbian, softcore, or hardcore specifically (your only option is to scroll through the thumbnails).

Danielle does it all on her site, from a candid video of her singing and driving her car to her sticking a cucumber up her hot friend's pussy to sucking and riding a hard cock and jerking it onto her face. There's also a massive section of video logs that have her answering members' questions as well as just talking about her life in general. There's no longer an onsite cam show, though, nor is there a working archive of old shows

The strength of an individual model site often comes down to the model herself and how good the site is at letting us know her. On that level, this site rocks. The candid videos and the video logs really let her personality shine and the variety of softcore, solo, lesbian and hardcore action gives us different looks at this coed hottie. She also appears to actively take part in her members' forum.

Add to all that the high-quality content, the size of the collection and the frequent updates and Danielle FTV is one of the better individual model sites I have seen. If she made just a few improvements here and there, she'd probably be the best.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Gilligan

    Score: 100% Date: 03/26/2014

    Upsides: Danielle's inclusion of non-adult videos talking about her life, driving in her car, her family and especially (for me) driving with her - which (with a little suspension of disbelief) make it like I was just hanging with her, makes her a 3D person who happens to like sex and experimentation. In short, a "real" person.

    Her adult videos are, without exception, hot! She does not hold back, has real orgasms (as opposed to the girl who stares into the camera and says in a monotone "oh, baby, oh, yes, do me" all the while thinking about what's for lunch and where she's going to party that night).

    Danielle's videos have a nice variety to them, from masturbation to exhibitionism, anal, hardcore (guy/girl or girl/girl), and bdsm, which I haven't taken the time to watch yet.

    Downsides: hard to say. Her forums are polite, but sometimes a little too polite in that profanity gets censored. This seems a little odd, since the same person was just involved in a serious sex scene but you can't say fu*k on her boards. Odd.

    No webcam - not sure what happened there, since every site I've belonged to has at least one or two shows a month. I'm sure it's in the works because of customer demand.

    Rock on, Danielle!

  • Comment by: Anon

    Score: 100% Date: 02/08/2012

    Super cute girl with a fun personality. Willing to try a wide variety of photo shoots. Very responsive in the forums, and the video logs are personalized.

    Streaming might be nice, and I'm looking forward to watching web cam chats again, but nothing to really complain about.

    Keep up the good work, Danielle!

  • Comment by: cwill498

    Score: 100% Date: 02/02/2012

    I have been a fan of Danielle's since I first saw her on FTV a few years back. I recently joined her site and I am very happy that I did. Not only is Danielle a sweet and sexy yound woman but she acts like a real person and takes the time to solicit input from her fans/members about what they want to see and how she can best adapt her site to their wishes. For those who have left less than favorable reviews I simply cannot imagine why one would not find Danielle to be very desireable-she is so sweet, has girl next door good looks (the best kind) and has a fantastic body. Her eyes and hair are amazing, obviously she has wonderful natural breasts that many women would die for, she has a small waist, just big enough ass and great legs not to mention some dame sexy feet. I think her site is well worth it and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Comment by: dave

    Score: 100% Date: 01/28/2012

    best around

  • Comment by: Ellen

    Score: 98% Date: 01/24/2012

    She's really nice and seems like a lot of fun. I have not seen all her stuff but what I have seen is really good. Not like most others who seem sleazy or greedy. She gives the best value all around with the personal touch. Very nice warm experience.

  • Comment by: STAR

    Score: 100% Date: 01/24/2012

    Giving this a full 100 with the understanding that the Webcam upgrade is in progress. With respect to other ladies' excellent work, there is no other site comparable to IMO for reasons stated by other, credible, reviewers. What takes over the top is a combination of very rare and specific qualities even a semi-conscious viewer of any gender or persuasion would find obvious, assuming their 5 senses and sexual functions were intact. My condolences to the unfortunate(s) who exhibited less than the lack of good taste and truthfulness common to a neutered and lobotomized chimpanzee. Honest opinion and critique of an artist's work is one thing, vicious personal attacks and fabrications are another. Which, due to Danielle's increasing popularity and widely felt affection among her many friends, collaborators, and fans, leads me to suspect a loser boyfriend or date-gone-bad bum has taken it upon himself to disparage her unfairly through the auspices of multiple email accounts. Such goes beyond bullying into the attempted backstabbing revenge of a coward. Sadly this person is the result of the first sperm to reach the egg. Therefore my sympathies are with the family who sired this miscreant. In stark contrast, Danielle is a gifted, talented, creative, versatile, and intelligent artist whose first professional concern is the quality of her contribution to the enjoyment of her audiences and the enhancement of excellence in her fields of endeavor, whatever that may be. All of her content taken together tells a most interesting and enlightening story of a truly modern liberated woman expressing herself with utmost honesty and integrity.

  • Comment by: Uno Mas

    Score: 98% Date: 01/23/2012

    I have been a fan since I first saw her on FTV. And been a member of her site on and off since then. Always a good variety of content and great contact with her fans on her forums. Answers questions, take suggestions for future shoots. I like the fact that her videos are more of a personal nature and less of a robotic performance. It’s almost as if you had a kinky girlfriend making you a video than a watching an adult site. Video quality on her site is great. Would recommend the site.

    Pro: Not the average scripted scenes from other sites.

    Cons: the webcam feature is a plus, not a member of the site just for that but if the quality of that video could be improved (which from what I have been told it is being worked on) that would be great on the occasions i get to participate in the cam chats.

  • Comment by: Enigma

    Score: 95% Date: 01/23/2012

    Interesting comments that have been made here, most of witch are false, and anyone that's been a member of the site and/or the forum, will know fact from fiction.

    As the review says, there are HQ videos in different formats for you to download, so you can take them with you on a cell phone, or MP4 player, the images are HQ as well, and are of a top quality, not like some of the sites you see springing up these days, with cell phone images and so on.

    There is a wide variety of content that's always being updated, and if you are a member of the forum, you will notice she likes to ask her fans their opinion on the types if updates she can do. There is also a section on the forum for suggestion updates and so on.

    The forum is a nice Adult fun place to be with a good sense of community, not a vulgar adult forum like some out there with 1000's of comments that are just rude and demeaning, and the forum staff keep on top of comments and posts like that, to keep it a fun place to hang out and chat with other fans and Danielle her self.

    Variety of content.
    Frequent updates.
    Selection of video formats.
    Ziped image set's to download.
    Chat with Danielle her self.
    Webcam shows.

    If I have to tell the truth, in this economic times we are living in right now, the price is just out of my range for a membership, but once I can I will be re-subbing to the site again.

  • Comment by: Anoree

    Score: 95% Date: 01/23/2012

    I'm a member since 2008, when the site started free of charge, and am a satisfied paying member since the minute the site went professional.

    Danielle is a true beauty with a great personality - that you can actually watch develop over the years, with all the content she stacked up. She may behave a little bit awkward in her very first shoots, having almost no experience in this field of business, but she quickly grew accustomed to the camera and now visibly enjoys what she does. What you see now is as genuine as it gets with someone aware of the camera and looking for the right angles to shoot.

    Danielle is responsible for all the updates herself, including organizing the shoots, locations, photographer, any additional talents, editing and upload. The only thing she doesn't do herself is the site support, which is done by the FTV staff and Forum moderators. The updates come quite regularly, even if there's an occasional "batch update" covering one or 1 1/2 weeks of updates.

    The free Forum can be used to get into contact with Danielle or to discuss past or potential future updates. True, SOME posts there were edited or deleted, but that only happened if there were insults in them, someone posted private data or some discussion went completely off track.
    There were discussions on the Forum when Danielle asked about doing hardcore. Danielle decided to do it and only told the people who were against it that they didn't have to watch those updates if they didn't like that stuff. (Which is perfectly right, in my opinion.)

    Concerning changes in Danielle's mood: To me that shows only that Danielle gives out her true self to us, not a concept or mask others start to wear when they turn towards their fans.

    The only down side to the site I see right now is that the Webcam shows are put to halt at the moment, while the programs are updated for better quality in the future. No streaming video doesn't come as such a big deal to me, as I download the (ultra) HD videos anyway.

  • Comment by: e83

    Score: 99% Date: 01/23/2012

    I find Danielle to be quite beautiful and very sexy. Her figure and face are the kind that can make you drool. Lol She’s funny, makes great “sex faces” and is very open about her thoughts. While I do not care for all the content on her site, I enjoy about 99%. I find that her willingness to connect with members thru the forum to be particularly engaging. She has a variety of themes that range from Hardcore BDSM to nude posing in her videos and photo sets as well as answering questions thru Video Logs.
    My only criticism is at times she gets quite busy and is unable to keep up with the Forum.

  • Comment by: Michael

    Score: 100% Date: 01/23/2012

    Danielle is a real sweetheart with a great body, and has a great personality. Her content is engaging, especially her video journals, and she's always been quite fun to watch. I would never kick her out of bed, that's for sure (you're welcome there anytime, Danielle ;) ). All previous commenters that are bashing on her, fine, you have your opinions. That's no need to be a prick about it as well, though.

  • Comment by: Danielle

    Score: 100% Date: 01/23/2012

    Kumar - I really have no idea what you are talking about when you say that I "added about 35 of the scenes after almost a year of no updates". You made this comment on February 1, 2011. From February 1, 2010 to February 1, 2011 I put up over 150 updates on my website. You shouldn't write false statements that can be so easily disproved by doing "a little research."

  • Comment by: Matt

    Score: 1% Date: 11/24/2011

    I agree whats been already said by previous comments.Spend your money elsewhere, bad personality, crap video's, let down again by FTV. Concerned with generating $$ over customer satisfaction.

  • Comment by: Jason

    Score: 1% Date: 11/01/2011

    Only thing she has going for her is her natural breasts. Thats it. Killer body. Butter face.

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: N/A Date: 10/06/2011

    Danielle informed members that she was going to have boy/girl hard core videos on her site. Those individuals that didn't like the news were told to f%#k-off. Right then decided not too renew my membership for both FTV's main site & Danielle's.

  • Comment by: Dave

    Score: N/A Date: 10/01/2011

    Yeah something not right about this Danielle. I was hoping that the content was the same as other ftv girls. Her sites personal forum makes for a interesting read. The moods swings & the way she talks/replies to members. Than later, the posts are either cleaned up or deleted. She's either on something or not taking her medications at times. I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

  • Comment by: Harold

    Score: 45% Date: 03/26/2011

    Looks as though she has down syndrome. Only thing going for her is the over used "cheeky smile" & her large natural breasts. Her so called hard-core videos have a lot to be desired. She's from the FTV stable of girls who've had their own web-site. But unlike those before her, I renewed by first initial 1 month to a year on both Lia's & Alison's. Didn't renew my membership as 1 month was more than enough. The videos came across as being forced & Danielle relied on her forced smile too often.

    Note: I have down syndrome myself, so before anyone slams my comments as insensitive. I'm just calling it like I see it.

  • Comment by: kumar

    Score: 100% Date: 02/01/2011

    added about 35 of the scenes after almost a year of no updates. However, I did a little research and found that the amount of content hasn't changed in at least six months. Assuming