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Name: RocketGate
Country: U.S.
Phone: 702-448-7367
Cancel Terms: Cancel a minimum of 24 hours before renewal (trial)
Links: Visit Site
Accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Jcb,

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  • Comment by: Volte

    Score: 40% Date: 02/03/2015

    Rocket Gate has no cancellation form on their site but after some googling I found what looked like a cancellation form for RG that didn't recognize any of my subscription information. Others say the same thing - if you can find it, it doesn't work. Which means you have to either call them or take a chance on the subscribed site's cancellation form - if they have one.
    3 weeks after I cancelled two sites in the Met-Art network (Rocket Gate is now their primary biller) I discovered RG had rebilled me for both. I called Rocket Gate and the customer rep quickly discovered that I had indeed cancelled the site(s) and issued a refund that I got 36 hours later. Yet when I discussed this with Met-Art's support they had no record of my cancellations although I remember clearly seeing that they were cancelled in my account status section of Met-Art's network. No email confirming it but I know what I saw.
    As nice as Met-Art and Rocket Gate were, it irks me that I had to worry about unauthorized charges and make a phone call. I don't think Met-Art had any ill intent but I've read more than one complaint about cancellation problems and unauthorized charges with Rocket Gate (from adult site veterans).
    I'm wondering if it's that old strategy of rebilling customers who cancel and hope they don't notice. Since they don't confirm sign-ups or cancellations with an email, you have no proof. If Rocket Gate can find my cancellations, whey did they rebill me? The refund was offered immediately. I was nice, they were nice - no threats of a charge back, no argument. It's like they were hoping I wouldn't notice a couple more recurring charges and when I called, oops - you caught us.
    If you like having to make a phone call to cancel, not having any email record of anything, and then sweating unauthorized charges forever, then by all means use Rocket Gate.

    I thought this practice of "customer retention" went out years ago.