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'Visit 'My Free Cams''
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User reviews:
4.0 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 25
  • 4 stars 5
  • 3 stars 3
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 1
  • Huge online community
  • 100's of performers online
  • requires little to no investment
  • not geared toward private chat
  • if you go private, it's expensive
  • some SD webcams

Latest Review Update: May 6, 2019

This is a unique and innovative site. Be skeptical of anything that's free, but not here. You can tip the performers to get them to show off and show more, or you can just sit back and watch as other folks tip them and the girls work their magic to garner more of them. There are 1,500+ performers and the community aspect behind the site is legendary.

My Free Cams - Going Strong Since 2002

My Free Cams has been in the business since 2002 and has solidified itself as one of the biggest and best live cam sites on the planet. Everyone knows the MFC name now, which is a true testament to their growing popularity over the years. But of course, you don’t get to stay in business that long unless you’re doing something right and the truth of the matter is, they get a lot right.

Chat With 100s of Cam Girls Using HD Webcams

MyFreeCams lets you meet and chat with hundreds of beautiful cam girls. Enter at any time of day and you’ll usually find an average of 1,000+ performers online. Now, the beauty is that while the majority of them are considered “amateur,” it’s not entirely uncommon to find porn stars who are diving into the world of camming too. Some huge names who've performed here include Sunny Leone and Lexi Belle. Either way, they'll be equipped with HD webcams that let you see and hear every naughty thing they do perfectly.

Explore Everything For Free

Obviously, if you’re going to call your site MyFreeCams, you’d better be true to your name. Without ever signing up for an account, you can browse as many cams as you'd like and watch all the sexy shows. Plenty of girls are naked and pleasuring themselves at all times. Now, what you won't be able to do is chat, as nearly all the girls choose to block Guest users, which is anyone without an account. Thankfully, signing up for an account is a quick 15-second process that only requires you to provide a username and email address and create a password.

Go Further With MFC Share

Then there's the excellent MFC Share, a free photo and video host for the MyFreeCams community, where performers share naughty content. Some of it is free and some of it is available for purchase using tokens. You can also join a cam girl's fan club, which often gives you access to a whole gamut of videos and photos from her.

They also introduced a new Tip War game. Two girls agree to compete with each other to see who can get more tips. This goes on for a few days and at the end, whoever got more wins (which is all kept track through the MFC Share interface). The loser will have to do whatever the other girl asks, which can be anything from drinking milk out of a bowl to going down on her. So in the end, we're the real winners!

Become a Premium Member

While MFC is free, you can (and should) consider becoming a premium member, which means buying tokens. This will allow you to do many things. First, most girls are using smart sex toys, which means for a certain amount of tokens, you can activate it and watch her squirm in delight as it vibrates. Many girls also have tip menus - 20 tokens to see her tits, 50 to see her ass, 100 to see her pussy, 200 to watch her spank herself and so forth.

Then there are the private and group shows. Now, keep in mind, the point of MFC is truly the experience of the free chat, where you can watch for free or contribute some tokens to activate her teledildonics. However, if you’d like, you can contribute to a group show, where other users also participate and get treated to a live sex show that only you and other contributors get to see. Then there are private one-on-one shows. These are great, but remember that many girls charge huge amounts for private sessions. Don't be surprised if you see costs from $6 to $15/minute.

Have a Seamless User Experience

Truthfully, you might feel overwhelmed the first time you visit. A lot is going on on the homepage. Aside from the plethora of thumbnails, you’ll find tons of settings and options to play with. But don’t worry, it’s easy. For starters, the Settings tab is going to be your number one customization tool. Want to change how the girls are listed? Filter by region? Highlight new models first? All this and more are available. There’s also a basic search engine. And while watching a live cam, you have several options to mute/unmute the audio, resize the window, give a tip, send private messages and more. The mobile interface maintains all those great features too.

Find Your Perfect Cam Girl With Their Model Explorer

The model explorer is easily one of the coolest features on MFC and how it works is simple. It lets you search for girls by a variety of criteria such as eye color, hair color, body type, turn-ons, etc. All standard. However, they get more creative than the rest by letting you search by more detailed criteria such as their education level, hobbies, whether they drink or do drugs, their perfect date, five things they can’t live without and even their pets. Exploring all your options is fun. Reading a model's profile is also beneficial. You get to learn interesting tidbits about her, like her turn-ons and what she does in private. 

When it Comes to Free, MFC Has It

When it comes to free cam shows, My Free Cams is above and beyond the rest. Few cam sites can compare and it’s easy to see why. This is a place where you can come and spend hours watching the sexiest amateurs (and sometimes porn stars) get naked, pleasure themselves and put on the hottest show without ever having to spend a dime. And if you do decide to make the jump and purchase some tokens, you’re going to enjoy using them on the performers who truly pique your interest.

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Rating Score

Cam Quality
Girls Online
Unique Girls
Bonus Score
Rabbit Score:

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  • Live Performers 1500+
  • Total Performers 100000+
  • HD Cams Yes
  • Free Chat Yes
  • Cam2Cam Yes
  • Notifications Yes
  • Advanced Search No
  • Comments/Ratings Yes
  • Favorites Yes
  • Appealing Design Yes
  • Free photos/videos Yes

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
4.0 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 25
  • 4 stars 5
  • 3 stars 3
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 1

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Customer Reviews

  • 67Serenity
    By 67Serenity on Jul 05, 2018

    I realize that I've been around this website almost 9 years but MFC's models have treated me with the dignity & respect that all models deserve. These girls work really hard for their money and I have a real respect for all of them as a whole as some girls here have also become great friends of mine even if I don't ask for anything as I don't ask for anything unless I tip for it. I hope you guys know that we're lucky to have sites like this as these ladies work their rear ends off & I am totally greatful for the friends I've made here

  • Anonymous
    By Anonymous on Jun 05, 2018

    Like the poster below - buyer beware. There are some really nice people on this website, but the top girls are there to milk as much money from tippers as possible. They will do literally anything to make money. They will date and play multiple guys at the same time and they are master manipulators. The only thing most of them care about is money. Wouldn't you? If you had to sit there and shove toys in your holes for hundreds of thirsty, pathetic losers who pay lots of money because they have personal life problems, you'd want to milk them for all their worth too. Some girls get addicted to it. They are beyond spoiled. These girls can make over $30,000 a month pretty easily - and most live in countries where that is more then they and their extended family will make all year. If you lived in a former soviet block hellhole country, you would do it too. Just be aware that literally everything there is fake. Fake shots (Alexis, a top model can get her shot count up to 11 in a night, LOL!) fake boobs, fake noses, fake chins, eyebrows and foreheads. That's what you're paying for. No matter what, even if you meet them, date them, marry one (trust me) they will scam the living daylights out of you and all of the other men they're addicted to talking to and milking for cash. It will be really interesting when this generation gets old.

    • Charlesbot
      on Jun 05, 2018

      When you say some girls will "literally do anything for money," this is like thinking anything is possible if you tip enough, and I can’t help but think that maybe THIS kind of thinking on your part is probably what led to your eventual disappointment. More than any kind of trickery or bad acting any of these girls can throw your way, forgetting the simple truth that not everything is for sale seems like what was most likely at the root of your problem. No disrespect, that’s just what I got out of your review. Also, the word "fake" gets thrown around a lot with regard to girls on MFC, but really, anything short of finding out that you've been watching a very convincing post-op tranny is not a real reason to feel like you've been tricked or scammed. I wish you'd share more about the experience you seem to have in meeting and or dating these girls, but I guess that’s probably too much to ask.

    • Charlesbot
      on Jun 05, 2018

      If my previous comment seems callous, I apologize. I just tired of people acting like helpless victims that had their money stolen from them. Until someone can show me otherwise, the money these girls get is the money we give them willingly... so let's stop with that whole routine. After all, if MFC is the place where, if you're a girl, you have to "sit there and shove toys in your holes for hundreds of thirsty, pathetic losers..." (your words, not mine) and if you're one of the guys, then you must be one of the many "pathetic losers who pay lots of money because they have personal life problems" (again, your words), then I find it hilarious that you still gave the site 3 out of 5 And THAT, my friends, is how good some of the girls on MFC are. Kudos, MFC model(s) still got 3 stars.

    • Anonymous
      on Jun 05, 2018

      Oh, I never complained about the money tipped. I am just pointing out that everything there is for show and you should know that. If you can accept it then more power to you. Just don't be fooled, even if a girl tells you straight to your face it's not a show. That is a show. That's what she has figured out you need to hear. They talk to thousands of guys and know what works. My review is not just pure hatred, as I said that many of the girls are quite nice. But if you think you'll find real love there, which some if not most guys do, you are barking up the wrong tree. Even if you got one of them, you'll probably be pretty disappointed after the fact. Or you can marry one and watch her suck you dry (not your dick unfortunately) and then just disappear back to her random country.

    • Charlesbot
      on Jun 05, 2018

      I'm sure you're right about the fact that a lot of cam girls are focused on making money. Gee, you think the fact that they do this for a living might have something to do with that? Of course it does! If someone asked me if MFC is a good place to find a girlfriend, there's no way I'd say yes. We agree that it's not a dating site. I guess something just rubs me the wrong way about guys who blame the girls or characterize them all as scam artists... Any girl that is working as a cam model isn't afforded the same anonymity that the member's have. We can change our names a million times, open dozens of different accounts and change i.p. addresses if we need to and pretty much remain anonymous , but you know this.

  • anon1979
    By anon1979 on Apr 20, 2018

    Fake scam deceiving business. Its the sketchiest site there is out there. If your a model you have no security, mfc employee members play games in all models rooms and they can read your pms and have access to your account. I have had an mfc employee get way out of line and read my pms and made it known he was. Any time I got a big tip from him it never counted towards my score. After some time buying my videos through my website I checked his ip address and it was my location on several occasions which tells me he has more information in my account than he should be allowed to so there is no real security for models and if you contact support they dont help you or care they just deny anything that would make them look bad. mfc employees are players they try to dominate your room and run everyone out, they pm real customers and direct them into top models rooms. They are nosy, ask questions that is non of their business. mfc employee members can have as many accounts as they want and it doesnt matter if you ban one they come back under another name and account its really pathetic. Mfc also pays sites like TRUSTPILOT to delete any real bad review about them and put up fake good reviews to make them look good but its not real. They allow their employee models also to scam and get away with pretty much anything, they either are prostitutes or have mfc doing everything to promote them and creating a fake persona then try to fool legit customers into tipping them. All they care about is their money they have no real support for models or members and they are doing illegal things and allowing invasion of privacy. Completely unprofessional liars that rip you off. They prey on ignorant customers. The top models are just as much players also. The entire site is fake and sketchy and I had to quit. It just got worse every year, more desperate scheming more privacy issues more rude fake models

    • CarlosBot
      on May 17, 2018

      About the Trustpilot thing.... Trustpilot will definitely take down reviews that violate their terms of service. So if you go out of your way to slam one specific model by name and then use her as a representation of everything that is bad about the website that she's on, then your post can be considered defamatory. And just so we're clear, "defamatory" is an adjective that describes any statement or post that is created for the purpose of damaging the good reputation of someone. So if you only have one review to your name and your review is titled "Watch out for (insert name here), she will stegal your money," don't act all surprised when it gets taken down.

  • mortaza.HAMiD.(‫صاعقه‬‎)
    By mortaza.HAMiD.(‫صاعقه‬‎) on Sep 28, 2017


  • Uni.yakuza
    By Uni.yakuza on Jul 08, 2017



  • MyFreeCams arguably has the biggest selection of performers in the world, ranging from amateurs to pornstars.
  • There’s almost never a time where you’ll find less than 1,000 girls online.
  • It’s entirely possible to spend countless hours, even days, on MFC without spending a dime.
  • While the quality varies, HD webcams are becoming more common.


What Sets Them Apart

  • They were one of the first sites to feature the Free model and achieve true success.
  • Their Model Explorer is an interesting and unique way to find girls who share similar interests.
  • MyFreeCams has the most in-depth advanced features of any live cam site online, letting you truly customize your experience.
  • The site has a vibrant, active community. You can easily chat and meet girls and other like-minded users.


A Brief History of My Free Cams

2002 - My Free Cams launches.

2010 - Reaches peak popularity with over 100,000 webcam performers and over 5 million users.

2013 - XBIZ Award winner for Live Cam Site of the Year for the third year in a row.

2014 - It's reported that the site is "the 344th most visited site on the internet."

2015 -  A webcam girl goes viral after being charged with a misdemeanor for broadcasting a show from the library at the Oregon State University. MFC promptly bans her.


Beyond My Free Cams


Official Wiki Page

MFC Share

Become an MFC Model

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