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Nerd Pervert

Rabbit score: 79%
    • $9.95/30 days
    • Save 67%

Nerd Pervert

Paul is the star of this site and he uses his ability to lie to hook up with hot chicks. He and his cute camerawoman film his conquests and this lucky nerd also does post-scene commentaries discussing how he felt it went and what he was thinking before and after. The content quality is high and he's adding new content each month. Plus, there are bonus sites.

Rabbit score: 79%
3 Customer Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Will Peters

Update done by Will Peters

Published Mar 25, 2013, updated on May 29, 2016

Pros and Cons

  • newer videos in Full HD
  • frequent updates
  • favorites tracking
  • limited pagination while browsing
  • no advanced search engine
  • no sorting options

According to a T-shirt I saw some hot girl wear the other day, "chicks dig nerds." So I guess it isn't too surprising that the nerd on Nerd Pervert gets so much hot ass. However, this dude doesn't just rely on his bad haircut and taped-up glasses to get the girls, he also tells most of them that he's a porn producer (which he isn't).

Sure, the situations are all contrived and we know the girls know he isn't a producer, but this nerd and his sexy female camerawomen play it up well and the scenes take you through the before, during and after. Each scene even comes with a "verdict video" where Paul, the nerd, sitting at his computer desk, gives his recap/verdict of the scene.

The site looks good (especially after a recent redesign) and the homepage displays the recent updates as well as the most popular scenes and a list of all the bonus sites. At the top of the page are menu links to the video and photo sections, which is handy, but what's not ideal is that you can only move through the content using "Prev Page" and "Next Page," so the pagination is limited.

At any rate, you'll find 359 videos (I'm including the "verdict" videos in that number) and 67 photo galleries. The high-res pics are downloadable in Zip files, while you can stream and download the high-def footage in MP4s. It turns out that the newer scenes offer a Full HD option. There's also a "medium" option should you want that. I would think that for mobile purposes the smaller file could be useful.

You can rate the scenes on a five "Pac Man" scale and you can save them to your favorites. There's only been one new photo set in the last month, but six videos were added in that time as well (three hardcore and three verdicts). You can visit those bonus sites I mentioned earlier if you need to keep yourself busy while waiting. There are 29 and they're all part of the My All Access Pass network, like Cum Lovers, Taco Pie and I Love Small Tits.

NerdPervert is a pretty decent site overall and you can feel good about joining. Given that it continues to update and is now giving us Full HD footage with each new scene, the site is bigger than ever and only getting better.

Latest Review Update

(May 29, 2016)

Since our last review of the site :

  • They've added 111 videos and 18 photo sets. Updates aren't following a strict schedule, but they managed to add one set of photos and a half dozen videos in the last month.
  • The site was redesigned and it looks less dated, though not much has changed beyond the color scheme and how the thumbnails are presented.

Members Area Screenshots

Membership includes 31 bonus sites

Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 1
  • 4 stars 2
  • 3 stars 0
  • 2 stars 0
  • 1 stars 0

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Customer Reviews

  • Adam Fisher
    By Adam Fisher on Nov 11, 2014

    I like this site, its different and yet its something you have seen before all rolled into one. There are loads of sleazy casting agents out there at the moment and I must confess to liking them. However this takes is in a different direction. Yes the girls still get conned, black mailed and talked into doing porn, but in this you get to see the guys face, he's bragging, he's putting it out there, saying look at me. Thats the idea. You also get a back story, you get to see the guy before the girl turns up, its like your watching a nerd reality show on TV but when people get naked and fuck it doesn't get blurred out and yes they can show it, and yes they do. Its got that amateur look about it, while also having really high quality picture quality and editing, so this has all been well thought out. There seems to be sexual chemistry towards him and his camera lady too, who is really hot by the way. So maybe something will go on there. Most of videos have his camera lady film it but then the odd one is your basic casting video, which switches from different camera angles and starts off like a normal scene and then some how the nerd is left on his own and then the scene switch to static cameras, you even get to see him set up the cameras too,sometimes moaning that he will have to concentrate on the camerawork as well as the pussy. They do well to keep telling fresh stories while keeping it in the same location all the time, the nerds house, so I wish they would change the location, since its a reality show, he mentions people you never see, like two of his nerd friends, bring them in and have a big bang orgy going on, so there seems to be a few missed opportunities here and there that if they followed through on would make it even better. Considering this site buys this content in from the UK and it hasn't come from any of the big studios over here in the US. This site gives even those a run for its money, its tries and dares to be different and it succeeds, big fan

  • Alex Benson
    By Alex Benson on Apr 29, 2014

    This site is quite good. You can tell its been done by one of the lower grade studios in the UK just by the style. While porn lovers who prefer more glossy looking porn may see this as cheap, if you actually watch the scenes a lot of work goes into it. This is a US site but the content if from british independent Dusk films studio, I was a fan of their POV stuff but this stuff seems to of taken it up a notch. The editing is really good, although some times the lighting is a bit dark, but you can still see what is going on so for that reason it doesn't really take you away from the content much. Being from the US I like british porn as they seem to do things less seriously than we do over here, which really makes it stand out. What I like about this is that it tells a story and you really root for this sleazy ball of a nerd, even though you know you shouldn't as in the reality of the story he's coning girls into porn. The camera work at times can be shaky but I can't help but think that is done on purpose, it helps the realness of the idea more I find, almost as if he doesn't care how the video comes out along as he is banging hot chicks. The character of the nerd is very likeable to watch, you can't help but like the cheeky things he says and sometimes when the girl first enters the scene,you automatically think, I wonder how she will react when the nerd comes onto her. What I like about this is it could be me, or you or anyone. This site has made it look like anyone can be a porn star and it really succeeds. The guy isn't a porn stud, and isn't real much of a performer, but thats the beauty of it, he fucks them for him, doesn't care if they like it, enjoy it or not, theres no faking the girls enjoyment as half the time, they don't and I bet they have had a better fuck from loads of other real porn studs, but again thats what I like about it, the girls are hot and the main focus of the site, very original .

  • John Goodman
    By John Goodman on Apr 06, 2014

    I think this site is awesome, its quite original in the sense that its character driven and its not just the usual 5 minutes into it and everyone is fucking. There is plenty stuff out there like this where a sleazy casting agent cons girls into fucking them, but this has its own original twist. It shows sometimes 20 minutes before the girl arrives, we get to find out about this nerd character and his camera lady, who isn't just a camera lady, you get to see her in front of the camera too as a character. The usual casting video stuff has the guys face blurred out, not the nerd pervert, he is showing off, he wants his face out there to show you guys that he can do it. I like how there is some POV stuff in here but its explained in the story why its this way and where his camera lady is. Some girls aren't that hot and I think it lets it down a little, theres not many who aren't hot and I get the feeling this is done on purpose too, to make it look like the nerd would fuck anything, however I don't dig a ugly chick getting fucked, I just don't want to see it. love the realness on of the site and love how you get entertained and get off too all roles into one. This site tried and succeeds to bridge the gap between story and porn and give you both, however if you just want to see girls get boned, then this may bored you a bit, but it does tell you its a reality show about a nerd loser so if you don't read this then its kind of your fault. Me I loved that you got something extra, hot chicks, very good content, well shot, well produced. I think this site really stands out and would sign up again, theres 80 videos on this site now, well worth the money and you get other sites for free too, as the review above said over 20.

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