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Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Many people have approached me asking to review penis enlargement solutions. In this article, I have looked into 5 different enlargement methods that are commonly advertised across the Internet.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Example: OptimRx, Zynextra3; RxPride; Pro Solution Pills

Though all pills websites say they offer the best solution, it is common sense that a pill can not increase a part of your body. It's true that they can increase the blood in your penis if you have irrigation problems and it's true that they can give you a stronger erection, but never a bigger penis. It has been tested that most pills have "nothing" inside, or even worst, they may be dangerous and have possible side effects including impotence, prostatitis, varices, hepatitis and stroke. Don't trust the content of a pill sold by a spammer who does not even want to give you a telephone number or contact person info. Essentially because they operate in an unregulated market, companies selling such products can sell you just about anything in it.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Example: Penis Development

This method is based on lies and lack of medical knowledge. You cannot exercise the tissues of your organ since they are not like muscles; they are made of veins that generate an erection through congestion and vasodilatation. You cannot achieve penis enlargement this way. You can exercise your arm and make it bigger, because you are exercising your muscles. However, you cannot exercise your penis tissues. Side effects may include penis deformation so it’s really not worth it.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Very limited enlargement and risky side effects: impotence, deformation. It is a very complex and expensive surgical operation. Few people can afford it.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Fictitious enlargement and not permanent. Damages penile veins and causes ulcers. It is more for solving impotence than for penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Patch

Same idea as pills, except that instead of popping them you can use a patch.

Example: Rx Pride

Penile Extenders

To enlarge the penis, tissues need to grow; this can only be possible when submitting the penis to a soft but continuous traction force. In this manner, cells multiply to generate new tissue. This method is supported by scientific studies and health certifications. As with any other medical device, instructions should be followed carefully, so as to achieve the expected results. There are no side effects at all. This device is the only one sold in clinics and hospitals. It is not only used to increase penis size, but also for curvature corrections.

After reviewing all this information, if I put myself in the place of a man seeking to have a bigger (thicker and longer) penis, I can only conclude that it is better to play it safe with a medical device like the ANDRO-PENIS. Health authorities’ and quality certifications, scientific studies… these people are taking it seriously, and since I love my penis, they offer the safest solution. You never know what you get with a (sugar) pill. You may hear of somebody who says he grew his penis with an exercise, and it may be true in some cases. But even then the penis increases because during such exercises it is being stretched (just as with penile extenders).

What I like most about the ANDRO-PENIS is that, after you buy it, you do not lose contact with the company. You can ask as many questions as you need through the phone or e-mail in order to carry out a full treatment with success. This means that they are there for you whenever you need advice or have questions. The Andro-penis is sold in many web sites, in some cases with a different name or look, but by buying it at Andromedical you get free medical support via email and toll free numbers.

You can buy a porno video, and may enjoy it or not. You can get a sex toy, and enjoy it or not… but here, we are talking about our most precious toy! After your penis has grown an inch or so, erections are much harder and longer in time, simply because knowing that it is larger makes you more confident about its potential.

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