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YouTube Star VitalyzdTv Goes Uncensored

Vitaly Zdorovetsky is a Russian-American whose YouTube handle is VitalyzdTv. By June of this year, his YouTube videos had garnered more than 1.65 billion views. He also boasted over 10 million subscribers! Some of his most popular posts feature daring pranks. He’s even gotten himself arrested with some of his stunts, like when he climbed the world-famous Hollywood sign. 

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Image from Vitaly Uncensored

If you’re a fan of European football, you may have witnessed his busty girlfriend raiding the field. She did it during the 2019 UEFA Champions League finals game. She wore a skimpy thong one-piece. And later in the year, his mom tried a similar stunt during the Cricket World Cup finals. Now he’s decided to kick things up a notch with his new adult porn site. Expect even more tits, asses, and, of course, pranks!

Introducing the 100% NSFW Vitaly Uncensored 

Up until now, scantily clad hotties have sometimes helped him with his pranks, but that’s as far as it’s gone. But his new site, Vitaly Uncensored, has the naked pranks that’d get him banned on social media. Most of the videos feature pornstars pranking people. Now, I feel like I’d know something was up (beyond my boner). It seems unlikely that someone famous like Karma Rx or Riley Reid would come over and start talking to me. But a lot of folks are, in fact, fooled! Maybe, unlike me, they don’t review porn for a living.  

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How Uncensored are These Pranks?

The babes on VitalyUncensored all go topless and often flash their tits in public. When they shoot indoors, you might see full nudity. These girls take their pranks seriously. So they aren’t shy about inviting some of the men being pranked to touch their boobs, even making out sometimes. But, of course, it’s all in good fun before the big reveal. 

Here are a few examples of some sexy pranks you can watch:

“Topless Uber!” – In this sexy girl prank, pornstar Tana Lea signs up to be an Uber driver. Vitaly feeds her lines to say to her customers. She tells her first passenger that all the doors are broken except for the one on the driver’s side. So he has to crawl over her to get in. And the real fun begins when her top starts to come off. How many stars would you rate your driver if she was a topless Tana?

“Wrong Audition Prank!” – Guys think they’re being cast for a big-budget Hollywood film and audition with the gorgeous Nina Elle. But the script has her taking off her top (so it’s not a naked-girl prank, just a half-naked one) and asking each man if he likes what he sees. Then things take a turn for the naughty when her character pulls out a giant dildo – turns out stardom is only 12 thick inches away! So it’s a classic bait-and-switch scenario.

“Topless Cop!” – This one is just straight-up goofy as Vitaly and pornstar Nina Austin dress up as police officers, but there’s no real setup to any of their interactions with men on the street. It’s just about the look of surprise on guys’ faces when Nina exposes her sweet tits. Even if it doesn’t quite turn into a sex-in-public prank, Vitaly also makes out with her – to the shock of onlookers. It’s similar to some of the scenes I listed on My Five Fav Arrested and Fucked Sites blog. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl in uniform with her boobs out?

For even more info on this fun reality porn site, check out our full review! If you like to have orgasmic laughs, this site is definitely for you!