What Makes Bang Stand Out

What Makes Bang! Stand Out Among Other Paysites

Bang.com is a leading paysite in the industry, providing you with 4k downloadable videos, streaming, amazing production quality, the hottest girls, and a diverse range of series that can cater to the whims of any viewer. But apart from all that, Bang! blows the competition out of the water with their unique approach to adult content, allowing you to actually get to know the girls you’re jerking off to!

Think about it, in porn, it’s easy to find a hot and sexy girl online and watch her get fucked, but elevated pleasure that comes from watching porn is brought to you by watching your favorite stars. The ones with the amazing bodies and even better personalities. When you know she loves putting on a show in reverse cowgirl, or it’s her very first time getting DP’ed, it brings a sense of connection and intimacy that just makes everything feel even better. 

And how do you achieve this connection? Bang!’s got you covered. See, Bang! takes a unique approach in the making of their adult films. Besides all the facts we mentioned like the amazing film quality, Bang! directors and producers make sure to give you the big picture, and let you get to know the girl you’re watching. They do this by creating amazing (SFW and NSFW) behind the scenes videos, where you can see the girl get her makeup done, pose for pretty girl pics, have some fun on set, and then get down to business. On set stuff isn’t your style? What about going inside exclusive porn star parties where we watch the girls compete in whacky games? Or getting to know new starlets from the Real Teens series? Maybe a podcast episode where she gets fucked at the end? Bang!’s got it all!

Bang! gets deep with the models, in more ways than one. Whether it’s their first time shooting or they’re a Bang! Babe of the month, you get to see more than what meets the eye. For example, sure, you can obviously tell that Scarlett Alexis loves dick, but did you know that her favorite part of her hometown are the pink sunsets? Did you know she’s a music lover with some artistic releases of her own? Or that her dream vacation spot is Crete? By finding all these things out, whether it be through Bang!’s 57 Questions or different creative BTS content, the viewer builds a stronger attachment to the star, which increases attraction, lust, and sets the stage for a bangin’ finish.

Not to mention, Bang! is multi-faceted when it comes to entertainment. Of course, the main purpose of a porn paysite is to bring you high quality content that gets you off, but you can also enjoy completely safe for work content that not only bring you closer to the stars, but immerses you in the industry as a whole. A great showcase of that is Bang!’s YouTube channel, BangBTS, where everything from on the floor AVN content to intimate one on one interviews are posted. 

Behind The Scenes

Bang!’s BTS is a defining feature of their brand, as they take you behind the scenes to see what it’s really like on a porn set. Posted in both SFW YouTube versions and uncut explicit version on the paysite, watching the BTS is a great intro into the scene you’re about to watch, and makes you really appreciate all the work that goes into creating a hot and steamy 30 minute scene for your viewing pleasure.

57 Questions

A YouTube exclusive, 57 Questions shows the girls in beautiful locations- sometimes their own homes! To give you an inside look into their lives outside of the industry. 57 covers topics like the model’s first jobs, favorite things, pet peeves, hopes and dreams and goals, to give you a look at the whole person.


Again, hosted in SFW and NSFW editions, PillowTalk brings industry funnyman and porn enthusiast Ryan Pownall to the scene of the action, allowing him to get candid and hilarious interviews with the stars. He’s not afraid to ask the nitty gritty questions, like what’s the ideal dick size for a man, and his interviews show off the raunchy and hilarious side of the stars.

AVN interviews and experiences

A true porn fan knows AVN is where it’s at! A huge convention in Las Vegas where all the stars mingle, and you can even meet them yourself! Bang! Gives you an inside look at the con, showing you all the fun that can be had on the floor and all the new and famous starlets you can meet.

…And more!

Besides all this, there’s Real Teens interviews, the Bang! Podcast, a behind the scenes look into exclusive pornstar parties, even a segment on how to become a male pornstar yourself! Bang! goes above and beyond just bringing you porn, they bring you entertainment and a community that you can follow even after you close your private browser window.

So, when choosing your paysite, listen to both your heads. Sure, you can get a quick thrill off the first video you see, but wouldn’t you rather it be an immersive experience? Check out Bang.com and go on a journey.