Awards season is in full swing and that means our celebrity obsession is stronger than ever. Every year, we’re flooded with images of Hollywood’s elite promoting their critically acclaimed movies and making us all jealous because we’re mere peasants compared to them. Well, I don’t know about you, but the one thought that always crosses my mind when I watch award shows is, “I wonder what she looks like naked…”

To be honest, I think that way about most people I meet, but when it comes to celebrities, those thoughts intensify. Who knows why we’re all so obsessed with seeing celebs in the buff? People go crazy at even the slightest nip slip! It’s an obsession that will likely only intensify over time.

When Hollywood Nudity Isn’t Enough

Thankfully, we have sites like Mr. Skin to keep us on our toes. The site shows us all the best nude clips from TV and film so that we know which ones to watch in the privacy of our home! We wrote a blog on their Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2018 and that definitely satisfied our cravings for a while, with a nip slip here or there, real celeb nudes or even a full-frontal scene, but it’s never enough. Luckily, some of this year’s Oscar nominees look eerily similar to some famous pornstars, allowing us to imagine what it would be like to watch these Hollywood stars getting hardcore in a real way!

1. Amy Adams and Diane Deluna

Amy Adams is nominated for an Academy Award yet again this year for her role in the film Vice. She’s been nominated a whopping five times in the past 14 years and has never taken home a trophy! Maybe if she loses this year she’ll consider a major career move and go the porn route? I doubt it, but her porn doppelganger might satisfy your cravings for nude celebrity women!

porn lookalike

Diane Deluna’s strawberry blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and friendly smile make her a dead ringer for the actress! You might recognize Diane from Mile High Media’s “Lesbian Psycho Roommates,” where we get to watch her in an interracial lesbian scene with Misty Stone. While it may not be The Fighter or American Hustle, I’m sure she could hold her own! I wonder what would happen if Diane and Amy teamed up for a girl-on-girl video? The world might explode!

2. Rachel Weisz and Belladonna

Unlike Adams, Rachel Weisz is already an Oscar winner thanks to her role in The Constant Gardener in 2006. She did some pretty steamy sex scenes in that movie, which is nice for when you want real celebrity nudes, but it definitely left us wanting even more! Thankfully, with a little imagination, you can pretend pornstar Belladonna is the real thing.

oscar porn lookalike

With those beautiful eyes, dark hair and naughty smirk, Belladonna could definitely pass for the ever-talented Weisz. We may have seen full-frontal nudity from Rachel before, but nothing compares to watching Belladonna in the classic Evil Angel scene “The Fashionista. It won 10 AVN Awards back in 2003, including a Best Supporting Actress for the star. I guess their looks aren’t the only thing they have in common.

3. Emma Stone and Ella Hughes

Emma Stone is nominated for an Oscar this year for co-starring in The Favourite along with Weisz, coincidentally. Emma may have shown a little more skin than we’re used to in some of the movie’s more risque scenes, but thanks to her lookalike, we get to see a lot more than just her boobs!

oscar porn

Ella Hughes has the same porcelain skin, doll-like face and trademark orange locks as the Oscar-winning actress, so it’s easy to see why people think they look alike! I’m sure I speak for many of you when I say that a real hardcore Emma Stone sex scene would be much appreciated. Until that happens, you can enjoy Ms. Hughes in “All Hands on Dick” from Brazzers. Her lesbian moments with Gia Paige are definitely hotter than Emma’s naughty romance with Olivia Colman!

Enjoy Oscar Night in a Hardcore Way

Now that you have your Oscar nominee pornstar lookalikes, you can prepare for Hollywood’s biggest night the fun way! Who needs to fill out an Oscar ballot when you can just watch porn and let your imagination run wild instead?

In the end, these ladies are all winners in my book because they’re talented and beautiful, but no matter what, I don’t think they’ll ever do a truly hardcore sex scene. It’s a shame, but at least you can still dream with the help of their doppelgangers!

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