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Mia Malkova Pornstar FAQ

There is a big difference between a porn actor and a porn star. The first is a person who performs in adult films and the latter is someone who is known, by name, for their work in porn. Their stardom transcends the adult industry usually. When it comes to Mia Malkova, “pornstar” is definitely a fitting title. She made a name for herself on Blacked and the rest is history.

Mia is definitely a pornstar most people know by name. She has been on some of the most popular sites over the years. Besides the fact that she is gorgeous, what else do you really know about her? If you need a crash course on Miss Malkova, I am your guy. I will fill you in on everything from her age to who she is married to. So let’s get started! 

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Who is Mia Malkova, Pornstar?

Didn’t I already tell you? Mia Malkova is a pornstar, social media personality and all-around babe. She is from Palm Springs, California. Her real name is Melissa Ann Hevner. In fact, it is likely she got her stage name from her lifelong friend Natasha Malkova, who first introduced her to the industry in 2012 when she was 19 years old.

One of her first big breaks was appearing on the Twistys Network. That got the ball rolling and then she was named Twistys Treat of the Month in December 2012 and, in 2013, Twistys Treat of the Year. Mia has gone on to win several industry awards, including Best New Starlet at the 2014 AVNs, and Blowjob Queen at the 2019 Pornhhub Awards. 

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How Old is Mia Malkova?

Like many pornstars before her, Mia got her start in porn when she was still in her teens, so it almost feels like she’s been in the business forever. Her birthday is July 1, 1992, so that means Mia Malkova just turned 29 years old. She’s a Cancer. That means she’s tenacious, imaginative and loyal – in case you were wondering. 

In just under a decade, Mia has nearly 600 performer credits in adult films. These movies range from Mia squirting to seeing her in lesbian scenes and gangbangs. That is a pretty good list of accomplishments for someone who is not even 30 yet! 

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How Tall is Mia Malkova, Pornstar?

Some girls look short on camera, especially when they are paired with a much taller – and hung – male performer. But Mia has a real presence about her that makes her seem larger than life on screen. So it makes sense that Mia Malkova is actually 5’7”. With her blonde hair, big tits and curvy figure, she is a real bombshell. 

Does Mia Malkova Have Butt Implants?

These days, big butts are in. Many women are seeking cosmetic procedures to help give them that enviable Kardashian shape that is so popular. When women get their butt done, a lot of people mistakenly assume they have implants, which actually are not that common. Most of the time, it is just fat or other injectables. 

This is what many people assume Mia has done to her trademark booty. But to make a long story short: no, Mia Malkova does not have butt implants. In fact, on Twitter, she has denied that her derriere is fake at all. That juicy behind is all-natural. 

Her boobs, however, are not. She has admitted to getting breast implants and recently revealed that she plans to get them downsized because she finds them too big. But honestly, when you’re as sexy as Mia, you can pull off any size tits, big or small!  

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Image from Brazzers

Where Does Mia Malkova Live?

Originally, Mia is from the beautiful city of Palm Springs in California. However, it doesn’t seem like she currently lives there. According to her Twitter, Mia currently lives in Oregon. Judging by her Instagram, she lives in Portland, specifically. She loves nature and posts tons of pictures in the woods, so that seems like the perfect place for her. 

Speaking of where Mia comes from, let’s talk about her family for a second. Or at least one specific member. Did you know Mia Malkova’s brother is also a pornstar?! That is right, her brother is porn stud Justin Hunt! He started around the same time as his younger sister, in 2013. It is hard to find a lot of info, but according to the Internet, they are definitely siblings! 

Is Mia Malkova Married?

I hate to break it to you, but married or not, I do not think you have a chance. Just kidding! Dream big! Mia Malkova was married, but she is divorced now. She was married to pornstar Danny Mountain from 2014 until 2018. It does not seem like it was an amicable split, either. Danny claimed on Twitter that she blindsided him by breaking things off over the phone. 

As of right now, I do not think Mia is dating anyone. If she is, she is keeping it tightly under wraps. 

mia malkova threesome with ebony girl and guy
Image from Blacked.com

Where Can I See More of Mia Malkova?

These days, Mia seems to be putting a lot of energy into her personal OnlyFans page. But if you’re looking for her more traditional porn scenes, I’ve got you covered. Some of her hottest work is definitely on Brazzers. She does double penetration, squirting, girl-girl and of course, plenty of blowjobs (she is the Blowjob Queen, after all). 

But if you really want to see some of Mia’s best moments, Blacked.com is where it is at. There is nothing quite like watching a gorgeous blonde with a phat ass getting fucked by big, glistening Black men with huge cocks. She is truly at her best in these interracial scenes, especially when she’s doing anal. Take a look for yourself to see what else she gets up to! 

Honestly, whichever site or scene you choose, you will never be disappointed with Mia Malkova. This bombshell is always at her best and for that, I am so grateful. Now that you know so much about her, you will appreciate her scenes even more than before, if that is even possible.

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