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Zipline Naked With Sky Pierce – An Interview

To say Sky Pierce is my favorite Canadian is an understatement. Move over Wayne Gretsky, Sky Pierce is #1 now. This blonde bombshell sits down with me to reveal all – getting fingered in the back of an Uber, ziplining naked in Vegas, her love for scripted porn site scenes, and (something PG-friendly), her favorite Canadian destinations. 

Honestly, where to begin? Sky really dishes it all. A Kelowna, British Columbia, girl with a heart of gold, she takes life by the balls (pun intended). Did you know her fetish is public nudity? Well, now you do and to be honest, there is so much more to discover. And don’t miss out on her top Canada travel tips. 

I don’t want to keep you eager readers waiting. Let’s dive right into this beautiful, horny can of maple syrup, eh?

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Image from Deeper

Hello! First, thank you for doing this. How are you feeling today?

I am feeling amazing, super energized, and ready for all my upcoming travel and trips.

Yay! That’s fantastic. Okay, let’s get down to business. Could you tell me more about yourself? Where are you from and how did you get into the industry? 

My name is Sky Pierce, I am a model, actress, and entertainer from a small city in British Columbia, Canada, called Kelowna. [It means Grizzly Bear to First Nation people.]

It has always been a dream of mine to be a model since I was a young girl. I remember looking through magazines, I would be so inspired by the woman I saw and how confident they looked and how passionate they were about what they were doing. 

It inspired me to want to grow up being myself and doing things that made me happy and take a chance to break into the industry. I started with photoshoots, then camming, then took the plunge to the mainstream.

I love that story! As a fellow Canadian, it’s my dream to go to Kelowna. Speaking of Canada, what’s your favorite thing about being Canadian?

Wow! That’s hard…. I would have to say the country itself, like the landscape, is just incredible. I love how we get all four seasons in a year, sometimes more than once [laughs], but we have such a beautiful, vast expanse of nature, which is my favorite part. 

I really love adventuring and going on hikes and we just have so much nature to see. Oh, and of course the poutine. Eh! 

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Gotta love poutine! How was your 2021? 

2021 was definitely interesting. I would say it was challenging to get into a different routine than I was previously used to. I learned a lot more about myself, my surroundings, and what I want in the direction of my life for the future. 

Other than that, I tried to make the most of it with adventures, shooting my own content, and enjoying myself as much as possible with the world being in a state of disarray. 

Yeah, 2021 was definitely a weird year. Did you develop any new habits in the last year?

Not that I can think of. Maybe just doing better with health routines like switching up my workouts and trying different foods and meals.

What was your favorite scene you filmed? 

Oh my god, that is so hard to choose. I’m going to have to list two because they’re completely different. My #1 favorite I’d have to say was my scene for Deeper. Prior to shooting for them, it had been a dream of mine to work for them. I always wanted to work with Kayden Kross for years even before she directed for Deeper. So that day on set was definitely a dream come true. 

My favorite part was all of the acting. I love to act and have dialogue scenes, and I got to work with other big-name performers and the experience was so amazing. It was also a two-part scene. One was a sex scene with Seth Gamble and me, and the other was with Brooklyn Gray and Marcus Dupree (whom I also had never met). 

It was a really long day and pushed me to my limit but also I loved the results and learning. I really hope I get to shoot with everyone again. 

My other favorite scene is completely the opposite – it had no real acting or scripts. It was a scene I shot with the series called “Banned Stories,” which was in Las Vegas during the last in-person AVN [2020] prior to covid. This scene is beyond words and just connects with me on a personal fun outgoing experience of my true self. 

It started at the Expo then we took an Uber to Fremont Street, then I started to finger my pussy for the scene in the back of a real Uber. I couldn’t believe it [laughs] and we got it all on camera. Then we fucked in parking lots and streets all around Las Vegas, but my favorite part was the ziplining naked for the scene. 

I went on the zipline with no panties and was wearing a skirt and spread my legs for the thousands of people beneath to see [laughs]. It was so exhilarating as I love public nudity. It’s kind of a fetish of mine. 

I absolutely love those stories. The ziplining naked, truly a dream! Are you looking forward to any new scenes this year? What are your 2022 plans?

I have always had dream scenes I would like to shoot and also so many people I would love to work with, it’s endless. I do know that sometimes you just have to be patient, passionate, and work hard and it will all manifest and work itself out. 

As for 2022, I have a lot of trips planned, although with the way the world is going right now I try to not get my hopes up too much ‘cause everything has been changing, sometimes extremely fast. 

So I’m kind of just going with the flow, but I have lots of travel dates set for all over Canada and the United States. I’m also hoping to get out to Europe to shoot for lots of companies later this year.

Well, I hope you get to Europe. Any stars you’re dying to work with?

Honestly, it’s too much to type out. I love the industry so much and would love to work with so many people. It seems the list just keeps getting longer because there are always new people joining. Everybody has their own style, flair, and swag about them, which is what makes every person special and so talented.

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I love this answer! There are so many new people in the industry and they’re all amazing. Anything to promote?

Sky Pierce Official. [You can find everything there.]

Thank you so much for answering all these questions. I usually now do a quick round of questions. Are you ready?

Guilty pleasure: 

Smoking THC [laughs] and munching out on munchies like candy, donuts, chips, and more.

Favorite TV Show: 

My all-time favorite TV shows are Shameless or Criminal Minds. I like to watch lots of different styles of shows – there are so many amazing ones these days. Currently, I’m watching Euphoria, Good Girls, and Pam & Tommy.

Favorite Canadian Destination: 

To be honest there are still so many places in Canada I want to go to that I have not yet, so I really don’t think I can choose one. I know the West Coast very well as that’s where I grew up, but my next adventure though will be out to the East Coast to see all its beauty.

Favorite Position: 

I’ve come to realize this changes, but I’d have to choose spoon to start the sex, and doggy to end it because I like it deeper and more intense to end an orgasm.

Thank you so much for doing this interview! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you.