How to Add Adult Time to Roku

There are over 29 million active Roku accounts, according to the company’s quarterly report. Although this family-friendly enterprise never includes exact figures on what their users are watching, without a doubt, many of them are streaming porn on a Roku. Some conservatives groups have even complained about how much hardcore content is available on it. 

Of course, when it comes to the porn industry, which often faces censorship and discrimination, the freedom to provide their members with adult content on this streaming device is more than welcome. As a result many top sites, including Adult Time, have launched private Roku channels.

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What is a Private Roku Channel?

Private channels were initially a way for developers to test their content before it was added to the public list that users browse directly on their television screens or the Roku site. Essentially, only authorized beta testers knew how to access them. 

Porn sites, of course, had no choice but to use these private channels too. Roku markets itself as an ideal place to find family-friendly content, and in addition to having parental control options, it blocks adult channels from being publicly listed. Many XXX DVD sites adopted this workaround early on, but AdultTime was late to the game, launching theirs in mid-2020.

Easily Install AdultTime on Your Roku

There are two ways to install a private channel. I’ll outline both and let you choose whichever one is simpler – though they’re both relatively easy.

Method #1

  • You will be prompted to sign in to the Roku website, if you haven’t previously checked off Remember Me when signing in.
  • A popup will appear stating that you are attempting to add an Uncertified Channel. This is normal and no cause for concern. 
  • To continue, click “OK,” “Yes add channel” and “I agree” to complete the process. A message will confirm that it was added successfully.
  • The channel should automatically appear on your channel list when you check your television, but you can force your device to update if it fails to appear. Simply go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now, or in the case of older models, go to Settings > Player info to initiate the update. 

Method #2

  • Under your profile, navigate to the My Account page and select Add Channel With a Code under Manage Account.
  • Enter the code AdultTime and click Add.
  • Refer to the last step in Method #1 to access the channel on your TV.

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Activate Your Paid Membership on Roku

Whichever way you choose to add Adult Time’s private channel, you will only have access to free trailers until you link your paid membership to your Roku device. This process is also relatively painless. 

  • Visit the AdultTime channel on your Roku. An activation message will pop up on your TV with a six-letter code.
  • Click Activate. A confirmation message will appear on your browser, and your Roku device will display Content preferences for you to customize. 
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How to Hide Private XXX Channels

Of course, adding an adult site to your Roku presents privacy issues because anyone who has access to your TV can come across it while scrolling through your channels. As a solution, some sites, like Adult DVD Empire, got creative and started offering a Discreet Channel option that gives a nondescript name and logo to their title. AdultTime lacks such an option, though.

The best way to avoid someone seeing it is to move it as far down your home screen list as possible. Here are the steps for moving it, or any other channel for that matter.

  • Click the Home button on the remote for your Roku.
  • Click OK or the right button on the directional pad to see your channel list.
  • Using the directional pad, highlight the channel you want to move.
  • Press the asterisk (i.e., star) button on your remote. 
  • Select the Move channel option.
  • Move the channel using the down arrow and press OK when done.

If you need even more security and are concerned about prying eyes, unfortunately, all you can do is prevent others from accessing the channel with a PIN – the tile with Adult Time will still be visible. At least there’s no nudity in the image.

A Channel-Free Alternative to Roku

Given that it is impossible to entirely hide Adult Time from your Roku channel list, you could simply skip adding it altogether. Though the site’s streaming video player lacks the option to cast to other devices, you can screen-mirror your smartphone or tablet to your Roku/TV. It may lack the finesse of installing the private channel, but it leaves no trace behind.

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