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Going Through It With Cherie DeVille

Breaking News: The pandemic has been hard, long and frankly, exhausting. We were all suddenly locked inside, our faces pressed to Tiger King and whatever the streaming services dumped on our eyeballs, picking up sourdough starters, putting children through ZoomSchool and ourselves through ZoomWork. It was no exception for the beautiful Cherie DeVille.

Apart from being a world-famous adult star with an enormous fanbase that crosses all borders, Cherie is also a columnist for the Daily Beast, where she gives the lowdown on the realities of working in the adult industry. 

We discussed (remotely) how she wants to normalize talking about mental health as an adult performer, how you can be a “productive member of society and still have mental health issues” and how important it is to build a network of people you trust. The pandemic has made it harder on everyone and it hasn’t spared adult performers, and Cherie is keenly aware of this. 

When talking with her, I can feel the passion and drive she has to start this conversation. Cherie is a self-confessed extrovert who also suffers from anxiety, which she talks about extensively in her recent profile on mental health. The pandemic put a stop to everything she loves: swing dances, hanging with friends and feeling good being around the people she loves.

Along with being a columnist and pornstar, she’s also producing content on OnlyFans – a platform she’s excelled at She’s had immense success in the industry, something she views as a blessing, but let’s not ignore the facts: Cherie is hard-working, beautiful and passionate about everything she does. She juggles it all, cementing herself as a true master of the art.

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Hey, Cherie! How’s it going? How have you been this year?

I have been awesome!

Have you picked up any interesting hobbies during COVID-19? We’d love to know what a day in the life of Cherie is like during the pandemic.

Well, the biggest change for me during the pandemic was part of the pandemic, I was shooting for other companies, sometimes seven days a week. But then during the pandemic, all of that stopped. So I had to really increase my online presence. 

I was always doing clip stores and Snapchat. I had my website. But with the extra time on my hands… I opened up a few new platforms, had time to reorganize my content, and really creating better ways to monetize my own content instead of creating content for others, was probably the biggest change.

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I read your article in The Daily Beast. I can tell mental health is a topic you’re passionate about. Can you tell me more about what inspired you to write the article?

Basically, the pandemic, you know, when we’re all stuck inside like that, I feel like, at least for me, it can exacerbate some of the things that are going on. I have some anxiety. And one of the ways that I manage my anxiety was taken away from me – social activities, working out at the gym. A lot of my hobbies are very social. Swing dancing, you know, game nights with friends. 

And so I was left to really spend some time thinking about myself, thinking about mental health, and thinking about, you know, what other people might be going through. And I think we all saw on the news, increased rates of suicide, spousal abuse, child abuse, a lot of things were really being exacerbated by this pandemic.

I really wanted people to know, especially in my industry that … we can talk about mental health and it’s okay to come forward, even if it’s just to your friends and family because, without some sort of support network, it’s going to be a lot more difficult.

You know, basically, just trying to normalize the fact that, yes, people can have mental health issues and can still be successful, productive members of society, and that it shouldn’t be this, you know, incredible stigma, to normalize working through things and to normalize, you know, having issues.

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Let’s leave the pandemic behind and talk about what we love most: porn. You’re a world-famous MILF. How do you feel about being crowned?

Yeah, I just can’t really believe how much success I’ve had in this industry. It’s just such a blessing to be able to do what I love and to have enough people love my work that I can make a living off of it. It’s amazing, but it’s still definitely surreal.

Have you got your eye on any up-and-coming pornstar you’d love to work with?

Oh my god. So many, like so many! So many people! That’s a really hard one. Every time I scroll through Instagram, there’s so many beautiful women! I feel like every time I do, it’s just filled with wonderful up-and-coming women that I would love to work with. And I’ve met so many of my best friends in this industry. It’s just really, really an amazing place to get to work.

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Is there any particular scene you’re looking forward to?

Well, I’m still mostly shooting for myself. So I guess my favorite scenes right now are the ones that I’m producing. For my OnlyFans, I [drop] two to three scenes a week along with two to three picture sets, live shows, chatting, all that good stuff. So yeah, for all my most recent work, I would definitely check out my OnlyFans.

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How do you think the industry has changed?

I don’t necessarily think it’s OnlyFans that changed the industry because, you know, I’ve made most of my income not necessarily from other companies but also from Snapchat, clip stores, Pornhub. OnlyFans is just the next tool that we’ve all been given to monetize our fan bases. I think what really changed, it was the pandemic. We all had time to do it.

You might spend two hours a month uploading videos on ManyVids and call it a day, where a platform like OnlyFans, in order to make it successful, you’re gonna have to spend at least eight. For me, it’s many more hours per day. And I don’t believe many performers, especially myself, had time to invest that kind of energy, you know, and love into a platform.

So I think that’s the biggest reason why OnlyFans exploded. Sure, you can use OnlyFans as a clip store. But the most lucrative way to monetize it is with messaging and direct fan interaction. And that has to be done very regularly. 

So a performer who’s shooting all the time absolutely is not going to be able to make that happen. Unless they, you know, hire somebody else to do it, which probably isn’t the best for your fans. I think that the pandemic just pushed us all toward an online model of making money and gave us the time to utilize the platforms to their maximum.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to most this year, getting out and about, going back to swing dancing, getting together with my friends and groups, going to see live music? Yeah, I’m just an incredible extrovert and I just can’t wait to get back out there.

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You’ve blown up on PornHub with your Bellesa Film gaining over 40 million views! What are your thoughts on that?

[…] That’s amazing. And I would say my thoughts on it are, I’m always surprised that anything blows up that big because that’s absolutely huge. But that scene with Quentin was really special. And I would say that’s mostly because for that company [Bellesa Films], they let you actually have sex. 

There’s no rule about how many positions you need to hit. There’s no rule about how long each position needs to be. There’s no rule about how you need to open your face and body up to the camera, which can often put you in situations that look beautiful but are decreasing your pleasure.

It lets people on Pornhub see actual sex, you know what I mean? Instead of porn. We were aware of the cameras. So of course, it’s not 100% like it would be at home, but that company probably comes as close as you can get. They let us choose our talent that we actually have chemistry with, like Quintin and I – they let us wear what we want. And they don’t give us rules. 

We could have had sex for two hours, we could have had sex for 20 minutes, whatever our bodies wanted to do. And I think I’d have to look back and see how well that company’s other videos do. But I would imagine, well, because I don’t think it was just Quintin and I that were so masterful, I think, getting to watch people have sex in a beautiful, authentic way. I mean, even the noises … were just very real, because we were not being asked to perform if that makes sense. 

So yeah, I’m really glad that people saw that and responded to it. And maybe other companies can take note of that kind of success that there is room, you know, in the world of porn for a wider variety.

I think women watch lots of different kinds of porn. I think we assume men are more visual. So when we’re performing for men creating pornography, for the male gaze, we’re going to do things that look good. I’m going to make sure the positions that my body is in look good to the camera first. 

The penetration is not straight, and it never is in porn. I’m all for the viewer, you know, even if I’m performing oral sex on a woman, my cheek is pressed to their thigh. I’m not really performing oral sex on her like I would like to because if the viewer doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen. So that’s one way to do it. But then this company … They’re really striving to reach that emotional connection so that when they take all those performative aspects out, I think they do really achieve something beautiful and I’m glad the viewers liked it.

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