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The Best BFF Cosplay Foursome Scenes

Aren’t friends great? There’s nothing like meeting up with your BFFs to have some fun and party or just hang out and be lazy. No matter what’s on the schedule, you always have a blast. But the girls on BFFs aren’t your average pals. Imagine if your friends were sexy girls who loved to dress up in costume. It would definitely make Halloween parties a lot more interesting! 

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But these girls don’t need an excuse to dress up and fool around, which is why I’m bringing these scenes to your attention today. These hotties do everything together, including having sex with the same lucky guy, and who doesn’t love a little foursome group sex action? So prepare yourself for the best BFF cosplay foursome scenes!

Witness a Sexy Ninja Orgy

three girls ninja cosplay porn bffs
Image from BFFS

What do you get when three hot girls from around the country all sign up for a ninja photoshoot and take a liking to each other? A FFFM foursome apparently! In “Ninja” three ladies meet on-set where they all change into a ninja costume for a sexy shoot and after posing for the photographer and having some laughs, they hit it off and want to have a little extra fun. That’s when they get the photographer to go on his back and they take turns sucking and riding his dick and playing with their pussies. Nothing bonds a trio of new BFFs quite like a hot foursome!

How to Train Naughty Ballerinas

ballerina with perky boobs give threeway handjob
Image from BFFS

In “Ballerinas 2,” Ashly Anderson, Athena Rayne and Shae Celestine will do whatever it takes to impress their new ballet teacher and be as flexible as possible – and they mean whatever it takes! First, they catch their new instructor spying on them while they’re getting ready in the hall, but when they start dancing, he’s not impressed. He then shows them the tool to help them improve their flexibility: his hard cock. A foursome blowjob ensues and after the girls slobber on his dick, he rips off their tights and fucks them with their tutus on. Anything to make them better dancers! 

The Sexiest Easter Tradition 

cosplay bunny porn with golden eggs
Image from BFFS

Remember being young and having an Easter egg hunt? Well, I bet they were a lot different than the one in this scene, especially since it’s titled “Easter Egg Cunt” for starters. These lucky bunnies are treated to an egg hunt around the yard while they hop around in their sexy lingerie. Whoever comes back with the most eggs gets to suck Hughe’s cock, but luckily for him, they end in a three way tie, which means we’re treated to a foursome POV scene! They all suck his dick and then take turns getting fucked while also hooking up with each other. I bet this is exactly what Jesus was looking for when he was resurrected on Easter.

Cocksucking Cosplay Queens

costume porn schoogirl and sailormoon BFFS
Image from BFFS

It must be hard having a hot stepsister, but it must be even harder when her and all her friends are getting naked to put together their cosplay looks for a convention. That would explain why the guy in “Cosplay Queens” is spying on them, and even though they get mad at first, they realize he knows one of the judges and find a way to convince him to put in a good word for them. In order to pick the girl who’ll win best costume, the girls show off their looks and flash the camera and then one thing leads to another and his dick is out and they’re all sucking it. There’s nothing like having a foursome to choose who gets to win a contest, right? Oh, is that not how it’s usually done?

Explore Even More Cosplay Porn

boobjob with three girls in costume porn bestfriends
Image from BFFS

These BFFs scenes bring a whole new meaning to the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and, best of all, these friends are all decked out in costumes to make things even more interesting. If these cosplay scenes gave you an appetite for more, why not check out some cosplay porn parodies, especially if you’re a fan of The Avengers! There’s always plenty more fetish porn to enjoy and maybe you’ll even find some foursome sex videos too. 

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