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About Rabbits Reviews

RabbitsReviews is the most visited review site on the Net, but it hasn't always been that way. The site was launched in 2003 by Rabbit, a college student who had been a member of numerous adult websites. His passion for adult entertainment and his experiences buying memberships to sites that promised more than they delivered proved there was a need for unbiased reporting. RabbitsReviews has amassed the largest collection of complete reviews online. Staffed by over 20 employees, our office is in constant motion, reviewing new sites as they launch and updating thousands of older reviews to bring you the most accurate information possible.

The RabbitsReviews Team
The RabbitsReviews Team. No, seriously. That's us.

Today's porn consumer faces a number of challenges. Deceptive billing practices by some companies can lead to multiple charges from a single subscription. Sites can say anything on the tour of a site but deliver something totally different in the members' area. Porn has long been associated with spam, popups, viruses, security issues and other aggressive marketing tactics. Despite this, the vast majority of online entertainment is produced by passionate people who want nothing more than to produce quality entertainment and charge a reasonable price for it. To that end, we indicate at the top of each review in red lettering, which sites are doing cross sales. Everyone should be wary of these. We list the most important pros and cons of each review right at the top, so with a quick glance you can easily see if you're getting what a site promises to deliver. We don't list sites that distribute viruses or are known to scam users. Those that do are promptly removed. And we always try and give you the option to visit sites without annoying pop-ups, where possible, so that you can surf our listings in peace. Essentially, RabbitsReviews ensures you are armed with knowledge to make educated decisions and can find the best sites online quickly, easily and safely.

RabbitsReviews may not be the only review site online, but it's the biggest and best for many reasons. First off, our commitment to honest reporting is second to none. We allow users to rate and comment on each review. Check them out and you'll see many opinions that differ from those of our reviewers, proof that transparency matters to us. Each review takes about two hours to complete. That allows for enough time to go deep into sites and bring out the nuggets that make informed analysis possible. Each review is based on these criteria. No site is perfect, so you'll never see a perfect score. We are porn fans, first and foremost, so you can count on us to do what's right when we publish a review.

Follow the White Rabbit...

So how do we make money if we don't charge for our reviews? Not all, but most paysites pay us when we send them a customer. There's no getting around that fact. However, we give more points to sites that charge less, which leads to us getting paid less by those companies. If it was as simple as whoever pays the most gets the best spots, our method of scoring wouldn't work in our favor. Also, user comments would differ greatly under those reviews. If you want to test us, go ahead and leave a comment about a site you tried but didn't like. It won't be removed. Finally, we have built one of the best adult sites on the Net. If we were to start messing with that, we would lose the loyal readers that have made this site the number one review site online today. Your opinion and business are important to us and that's just not something we're willing to gamble with.

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