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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Given how cute and sexy the chicks on this site are, I would say that the guys who dumped them were the stupid ones and not vice versa, as the sitename Stupid Ex GF suggests. I also think the site must think we are stupid if they expect us to believe what they are saying about the content.

So the whole idea behind StupidExGF is that the material is stolen amateur sex tapes and selfshot photos taken from places like Facebook, MySpace and Photobucket (those are the ones they mention). The only problem is that none of those sites actually allow sexually explicit content.

On the tour they describe the content as banned photos and videos from these various networking sites. However, if you think it through, how could the site steal it if it was banned and therefore never actually on the site in the first place? I don't mean to get all technical with you, but it just bugs me.

In actuality this is just amateur porn. Some of it may be exclusive, but given that I recognized some of the people involved and the setups were often very typical, I would say that most isn't (those factors also work against the "stolen off Facebook" claim).

The site looks good and is easy to navigate and at this point there are 103 videos. Each comes with some preview thumbnails and a "click to watch now" button that opens up the streaming movie in an embedded player. The streaming videos look good and are a mix of solo sexy time and hardcore sucking and/or fucking. There is also the option to download the vids in a few formats, from average to good in quality.

While there is a big mix of chicks, about a third of the videos feature the same babe (maybe she was supposed to be the focus of the site at the beginning). This blonde cutie is also the only one in the one set of pictures that are taken from several of her scenes. There are about 300 photos and the quality varies.

The content isn't dated, but based on the rate of growth they look to be updating about every two weeks. There is an "extra stuff" section where you will find a couple of streaming video sites, but there are no actual bonus sites. Stupid Ex GF's claim of hacked and stolen content is lame and untrue, but the amateur porn is pretty good.

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