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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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You might think that no one likes getting stepped on, but the dudes on Amateur Trampling sure do - literally. Not only do they like getting stepped on, but they also like it when their trampling temptress wears heels and uses their chests as a springboard.

When you watch the 52 videos on AmateurTrampling, you'll notice how red the guys turn as these gals dig in their heels and stomp on their cocks. The fellas get pretty vocal too, screaming in pain and breathing hard, but you can tell that they're really enjoying the sensation and the view of a beautiful babe towering over their body.

For amateurs, these babes are pretty good at trampling. Some go a little over the top with the talk and others need a little prodding from someone off-camera, but the videos come in good-quality MP4s, so you'll be able to judge all the action for yourself. Each video also comes with a set of vid caps.

Some of the dudes are clothed, some naked and some of the babes get naked or keep sexy stockings or lingerie on while they step all over the dude, stick their feet in his face and mouth and walk all over their dicks. I saw one guy get his cock squeezed like a sponge. The girl doing it didn't really understand the word "mercy."

I especially enjoyed watching a hot European blonde in high-cut panties and sky-high stilettos trample a shirtless man. She also stood on his face and stuck her toes in his mouth for good measure. She sticks her heel into the camera and commands that it be licked clean before she continues trampling and the angle really makes it look like she is talking to the viewer.

The site looks to be updated regularly, but there are only two more episodes now than on our last visit, so I want to say they're recycling their content. If that is indeed the case, you'll be happy to know that you get access to 39 bonus sites in the Fetish Network, like Amateur Smothering, Brutal Ball Busting and Face Sitting Freaks. There's also a live section where you can catch live shows. As I write this, there's a smoking show scheduled for tomorrow from a model that performs on Latin Smokers.

Although some of the videos took the acting part a bit too far, that's only a minor issue and might only be me being picky. Amateur Trampling has a lot going for it and those who enjoy seeing dudes get trampled by naked and half-naked babes will enjoy the porn here.

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