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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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A while back, I attended a massive comic book convention and got stuck in a line for two hours. As if that wasn't bad enough, I was stuck behind someone dressed as Wonder Woman. That would have been cool if not for the fact that this wonderful "woman" was actually a portly dude. If I had had my mobile handy, I could have spent the time looking at Kim Kardashian dressed as Wonder Woman on Celeb Matrix Mobile, but since I didn't, I was stuck staring at a fat guy with star-spangled panties riding up his hairy ass.

As you can probably tell from its name, CelebMatrixMobile is dedicated to celebrities. If you can think of a chick who has appeared in a movie or on a TV show, she can probably be found on the site. Some of the music industry's biggest names are here as well. You can find all your favorites by either using the search function or by browsing alphabetically.

Now, while the tour page makes it look as though you can expect the members' area to have a design that's mobile-friendly, what you get instead is exactly what you get on the standard version of the website. That's unfortunate because the design isn't conducive to an ideal mobile browsing experience.

With the bad news out of the way, I can tell you there's a whole lot to like. The best thing is that there are over 2,210 videos and over 3,175 sets of pictures that you can check out, but there'll be more than that by the time these words reach your eyes, because you get lots of new content pretty much each day and that usually means both flicks and pics.

With the vids, you get everything from raunchy sex tapes to innocent appearances that stars have made in films or on television. So you can go from watching hardcore sex to watching brief interviews as they show up to fancy events. The pics are equally as varied. There are nude ones and others in which the celebrities are dressed in unglamorous clothes and just out running errands.

The movies often look great when viewed on portable devices and the photos look pretty good too. That said, the content does vary in quality and that's to be expected given that it's coming from many sources.

There are extras like full-length DVDs and erotic stories, but there's so much celebrity content to get through that you'll probably never have time to access it. The wealth of content makes Celebrity Matrix Mobile worth a look even though it isn't ideally suited for use with a portable device.

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