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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I don't know if Mel Brooks knew who Annette Schwartz was when he wrote "Space Balls," but having just seen her naked and having sex on her site Annette Schwartz Videos, I have just have one thing to say: May the Schwartz be with you!

Unfortunately, I can't as enthusiastically say, "May the AnnetteSchwartzVideos be with you." And that really comes down to updating and, to a lesser extent, the amount of content (although it is better than it was the last time we were here).

Currently, there are 121 videos and nine photo sets. Given that the word "videos" is right there in the URL I wasn't surprised or disappointed to see that the movies way outnumbered the picture sets. What did disappoint me was the fact that nothing new has been added in just over four months.

What didn't disappoint me was the videos themselves. Annette is gorgeous and her hardcore scenes involve lots of sucking, fucking, anal, DP and cum eating. She licks pussy voraciously, stuffs her mouth with two peckers at once and certainly loves all colors of cock. She is a classic pornstar and there sure ain't nothing wrong with that.

The videos can be both streamed and downloaded. Well, actually, those that don't have "Moviez+" marked on them can. Those that bear that mark can only be streamed, but are often great in quality and in once case in HD. Apparently you'll have to "upgrade" (meaning purchase the Extra Moviez membership add-on) to be able to download them. The movies I could save are available in two MP4s and the larger one provides mostly good-quality footage.

The design is good, but getting to her content is a little confusing at first. When you sign in, you'll land on the Pornstar Network homepage. You will have to go through the "pornstars" menu link in order to get to Annette's action. Once you're on her page, you can check out all her porn, rate it, post comments, write on her "wall" and read her Tweets.

Okay, now about that network. Your membership gets you full access to it, which includes 49 other sites, like Pornstar Squirt, Tiny Ass and Jizz Mouth Wash. The network is surely worth your time and money, but Annette Schwartz Videos, with its infrequent update schedule, will only satisfy for a limited time.

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