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By: Chris Parker
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Sure, celebrities might have bigger homes, nicer cars and more adopted Africans than the rest of us, but deep down they're not so different. They like to get naked and fuck just as much as we do, but the thing is, people will pay handsomely to see vids and pics of them doing it. That's why websites like Celeb Heat exist.

Featuring a collection of paparazzi pictures, sex tapes, clips from movies and doctored photos, CelebHeat is your one-stop shop for celebrity nakedness. The design leaves a little to be desired, but it excels in bringing you a wide range of stars. Athletes, singers and actors all share the spotlight and if you've heard of them, there's a good chance they're here.

There's a ton of content to be had and the best way to experience it is by looking through the alphabetical list of celebs until you find someone you want to see naked. You can also use the search function if you've got a specific celebrity in mind. There are around 2,200 celebrities, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone.

Each celebrity has a page devoted to them, with a short bio. There are also videos, photos and articles about to the star, but not all celebs have all three things. You can usually count on getting more from the celebrities who you're used to hearing about in the tabloids, so, yeah, there's lots of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton material.

The content is nonexclusive, so it isn't surprising to see that both the vids and pics vary in quality. The best movies seem to offer good-quality playback and the best photos are gorgeous and high-res. That said, there are flicks that are pretty crummy and pictures that are too tiny to fully appreciate. I should also note that most of the movies are really short.

The manner in which the material is displayed makes it hard to give exact counts, but I estimate that there are something like 5,140 videos and 1,770 sets of pictures. Those numbers probably aren't accurate and even if they were, they'd be wrong in no time since the site updates daily.

A game, animations, brief movie reviews and a lot more celebrity smut are available to you as extras. It looks like there's some actual porn to check out as well, but all the links that I clicked on took me to a cam site or to tour pages of other paysites.

Celeb Heat isn't cheap, but it does give you a whole lot. If you're willing to shell out big bucks for big stars, the website is worth a look, but it's not for someone on a budget.

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