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Chris Parker

By: Chris Parker
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Mistress T is a "fetish specialist" and a producer of fine fetish films. Her videos are all about bringing your fantasies to life and you won't soon forget them. Her site looks good and it's easy to use. There are links to all the important parts right on the homepage and browsing the sections is a breeze.

Navigating the video section on MistressT is particularly simple, as you can find flicks by category or by using a keyword search. If you prefer, you can just work your way through the pages and see what catches your eye. There are 1,104 videos and new ones are added a few times a week, so there's bound to be more by the time this reaches your eyes. Many of them can be downloaded as high-def Windows Media files, but those added since May 21, 2011, are only available in an HD MP4 format.

If you have a premium membership, which is more expensive, streaming is also an option in an embedded Flash player (standard memberships don't allow streaming). Another perk with a premium membership is that there's no daily download limit. If you go for the standard one, you're only allowed five downloads a day.

In one POV flick, you'll find yourself in the shoes of the Mistress' prom date. You're getting the chance to fuck her at the end of the night, but things come to an abrupt halt when she realizes that you've got a tiny cock. From that point forward, there's no sex, just degrading comments and humiliation. Other scenes feature cuckolding, masturbation instruction, mommy role-play, interracial sex and toilet training, so there's a lot of variety.

My favorite video has the site's star appearing as a giant who rampages through a major city. She crushes cars, stomps on men and even devours people. The special effects are surprisingly good and the scene is a lot of fun. Seeing her mock and berate her victims while she runs amok is great. There's another giantess video where she puts tiny figurines in her mouth and a small plastic doll gets suffocated in her pussy!

There are photos on the site, too. All the pics can be found in one image gallery. Most tend to be on the small side, but you can resize some of them and get nice high-res shots. You can't download them, but they're worth perusing all the same. There are over 470 photos in all.

As far as extras go, there's a blog and a forum. They make for good reads, so don't neglect them. There aren't any bonus sites, but that's not such a big deal since the site updates frequently and the collection is already a pretty good size, so if you're interested in cuckolding, domination, humiliation or other kinds of Femdom, this site is definitely for you. Mistress T has a great website and I pity the fool who doesn't give it a glance.

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