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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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It's one thing to unbutton a woman's blouse after an evening of wine and witty conversation, but it's another to have her take it off during a vigorous round of strip poker. Perhaps it's the mix of lust and gambling, but whatever it is, it's incredibly hot. Strip Game Central takes that desire for playful competition and keeps the heat up at all times.

The premise behind StripGameCentral is quite simple and it's not seen online that often. Take adorable 18 to 23-year-olds (leaning heavily on the low end of that range) and have them compete in a variety of activities that involves taking their clothes off.

The games include everything from cards to darts to Spin the Bottle to more physical fare like badminton, dodge ball and football. In addition to the stripping, some games involve the losing participant doing something naughty, like vacuuming naked, getting groped or getting spanked.

Everything is softcore with a lighthearted touch. No intense lesbian dildo sessions, for example, ever break out. Just a lot of giggling and a casual demeanor between the performers that feels completely natural. The babes come in all sizes, from slender to petite to busty to curvy. The site is British, which of course means one thing: sexy accents.

You can download the 110 videos in a couple of MP4 files, with the highest ones being in HD. Many of the vids can be streamed in Flash and some of the earliest ones are also available as average-quality DivX-formatted AVI files. The 466 picture galleries are split between two sections. The "auditions" has amateur galleries, with gals posing, stripping, etc. The "games" section features some of the gals from the "auditions" section playing against each other in competitions.

The pics are high-res and very big. You can also save most in Zip folders. There's also a section dedicated to showing you what they consider the best shots of all time, and you can also find compilation videos. As an extra, there's a section where a handful of models are posing fully clothed next to images that reveal them fully nude.

The model section isn't complete, because instead of a model's thumb taking you to her bio, it instead takes you to where you can view the thumb in their image viewer. This is far from being the biggest design flaw, however. The biggest flaw is that any bit of text other than an update title is pretty small.

Change your screen's zoom setting from 100% to 200% and it will finally resemble a size-7 font. (To give you an idea of how small that is, note that size 8 is as small as a Microsoft Word document will go.) Without zooming in that far, the text looks like tiny black lines randomly spread out. Unless looking for a support page, though, this thankfully doesn't affect the navigation on account of being able to use buttons to move from one section to another.

Strip Game Central provides a good time at a standard price. There are a few areas that clearly need work, but you’ll enjoy watching these energetic lovelies competing against each other. There have been no new movies since February 2012, but a new gallery is added once a week.

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