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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've always thought that the benefit to being with a shemale is that something extra she offers that no female can, unless she straps one on and that's just not the same thing now, is it? If you're with a chick with a dick, I think it only makes sense to let her fuck you. It's that kind of infallible logic that is the guiding force behind Trannies Fuck Guys. These dudes know how to take a stiff one from their ladies like only a man can. However, because you're really joining Trannies Fuck, you'll see other kinds of encounters, too.

You see, TranniesFuckGuys is just one of a trio of sites that have been merged to form TranniesFuck, which means you'll also see scenes where dudes turn the tables on the shemales and do them up the ass instead, as well as some with tranny-on-tranny action. Overall, you'll find 277 high-def videos and 229 sets of high-res pics, but I'll also give you the breakdown for the shemale-on-male portion.

There are 144 videos and 117 photo galleries that fit the theme. Some of the men have a boyish charm, so you can imagine how easily their bums succumb to the feminine wiles of a more aggressive shemale. Others are kind of beefy with shaved heads who don't necessarily look like they'd easily turn into passive bottoms.

Either type of guy ends up on his knees sucking Tgirl cock and bending over to take a rigid shemale pole up his tight butthole. Actually, they take it in the ass in any number of positions and they all seem to love it. For example, one shows a tough-looking bad boy named Pernambuco who gets fucked hard by Paty Colt Alexandre. He takes it like a trooper and after she shoots her wad on his chest, he returns the favor by cumming all over her tits, showing his appreciation.

I'm also going to download the photo spread with Rabeche Rayalla and Felix in a Zip file. Rabeche has a small waist, a nice round butt and big tits. The layout opens with her and Felix in a 69 and his mouth really knows how to make her cock long and hard. She fucks him while he leans over the railing of a veranda and then on a blanket on the ground. He shoots his sperm on one of her massive boobs after she's cum on her taut stomach.

As mentioned earlier, the rest of the content tends to focus on shemales fucking other shemales. I know there aren't any guys in those scenes for you, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them outright, either. You'll also find movies that consist of interviews with the trannies.

You certainly can't complain about the quality on Trannies Fuck Guys and the quantity has also reached a more pleasing amount, even if some of the action doesn't focus on manholes being filled with tranny poles. They've also added files for portable devices for some of the scenes, so this collection keeps getting better.

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