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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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A true beauty is beautiful all the way down to her toes and the truth of that statement is shown on UK Models Feet. Gorgeous babes in bikinis, lingerie and other revealing outfits do justice to the supple loveliness of their feet. Sure, some of them are topless, but the focus is indeed their soles, toes and heels. It's nice to find a foot-fetish site that's actually the real deal and doesn't toss in a few foot shots like an afterthought.

UKModelsFeet has 82 videos to download in Windows Media format with high-def playback. Many revolve around women applying sunscreen or moisturizer to each foot. Of course, because the creams are white, it might make you imagine something else. Maybe you don't need to, though, because the methodical application is erotic enough. They caress their tootsies with the greatest of care, making sure to rub cream deep into the soles and between each sweet toe.

One video shows two women protecting their lower extremities from the sun. You'll also see girls putting on toenail polish and even a naughty hottie trampling fruit. Personally, I like when the women wear high-heels. Mostly, they slowly peel them off and then give their tired and aching dogs a good rubdown. However, in my favorite, a cutie models clear Lucite stilettos that hide nothing. You can count on great closeups of all the action.

There are 49 photo galleries with good-looking images to download in Zip files. One slightly frustrating thing about the design and navigation is that you'll always see a link for photos whether a gal has any or not. I wish they all had them, because I really find these Brits sexy and each one deserves to be captured on film in as many ways as possible. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads and at least a couple of Nubian beauties.

It looks like you might only get updates once or twice a month. You get 11 full-access bonus sites, including Models Tickling, Up Model Skirts and Models Bums. I think the names are self-explanatory and obviously any body parts focused on are above the ankle. UK Models Feet needs to grow faster if it wants to go toe to toe with some of the bigger foot-fetish sites on the market, but it's worth visiting all the same.

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