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By: Will Peters
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In the late '90s, cigar smoking became a real fad. As cigarette smoking was being banned in most public venues, cigar clubs were opening up en masse. Loads of celebrities, both male and female, took up the habit. For guys it was embracing a male tradition once reserved for only the wealthy and elite, while for the ladies it was a way to join the boys club. Cigar Models presents this sexy juxtaposition of beautiful women enjoying a macho stogie.

CigarModels has 49 videos and they all give you HD playback of the smoking fetish in its purest form, so you won't see any chicks pulling a Lewinsky with their cigars. Now, that's not to say the women don't turn up the sex appeal of their puffing by appearing topless or in revealing lingerie and tempting bikinis. Still, the chicks sucking on thick rolled tobacco leaves and blowing smoke is the focus of every shoot.

You can tell that some of these babes have had more practice at cigar smoking than others. The first-timers take a more tentative approach, probably out of fear that they might inhale too deeply and end up feeling queasy. I like watching both kinds of smokers. The old hands have a commanding presence and the careful ones look cute.

You'll find 20 photo sets to download in Zip files and they come with high-res images. I think the pics shot against a completely black background are most impressive. The white smoke really stands out and you can make out shapes, like when you cloud gaze. Sometimes the whole set becomes engulfed in a dreamy, smoky haze. I also prefer the gals who go for the gusto and choose a big cigar rather than a slimmer blunt or an even thinner cigarillo.

The website hasn't updated in about two months and there's no telling when it'll update again. It went nearly a year without updating in the past, so it could be a while before we get any new scenes. Given that, it's nice to know that you get two bonus sites: Smoking Models and Elegant Smoking. However, they overlap their content with this site and each other. In the end, Cigar Models will really set your libido ablaze, but you might only stick with it for a month.

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