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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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It's not easy being a Peeping Tom. You have to be sneaky and quite good at finding windows and angles in order to see what is going on inside the residence into which you are peeping. But if Pervs On Patrol is any indication of what it's like, then there appears to be some very nice rewards that seem to outweigh any possible risks.

PervsOnPatrol looks good and navigation is not a problem. You can easily get to all the content and the thumbnail images give you an idea of what each scene is about before you click through to the pics and vids that the episodes provide. You can save your favorites, rate the content and leave comments, but there's no advanced search option.

In the first scene I randomly checked out, the perv is filming a hot blonde in her kitchen making cookies. The camerawork is very shaky and we hear his horny breathing as he watches her wipe crumbs off her chest and bend over to pick something up off the floor.

Then he makes some noise and the woman comes bursting out of the house and starts to freak out. Thankfully, our perv is a smooth talker and instead of her calling the cops she ends up inviting him in and fucking him until he unloads a huge spunk dump all over her face. While the action is hot, this scene obviously negates any kind of "real" voyeur ideas you might have had.

There are 205 episodes and even though they are clearly staged in advance, the scenes I checked out still did a pretty good job of recreating a voyeur situation. They do it with shaky POV cams, shots through windows and/or from behind cover, natural lighting, etc.

Each scene comes with a set of good-quality pictures (the quality depends on the lighting of the video, of course), many of which are high-res, and a video that you can stream through an embedded Flash player or download. They all come with an HD option as well as other formats that provide good-quality playback.

The site is updated multiple times each week, so while you wait you can check out the 13 other sites that make up the Mofos Network, including Real Slut Party, MILFs Like It Black and Can She Take It. If you like well-produced faux-voyeur action, then Pervs On Patrol delivers and the bonuses deliver even more.


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