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Tuesday O'Neil 

By: Tuesday O'Neil
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For some people, college is a time for sexual experimentation and running up their parents' credit cards. For others, it's a time of sleep deprivation and intense studying. Fortunately, Dick Dorm focuses on the former class of students, particularly those handsome hunks who've gone to college straight, but leave with a dick-sucking diploma in hand.

All the porn on DickDorm is supposedly submitted by real college students. They can earn a cash reward by convincing their straight roommates to try gay sex on camera. There's a lot about the 56 videos and their accompanying pics that rings true, particularly the way the guys talk and look. Some are cut, but others have definitely hit the books instead of the gym. The dorm rooms look like more than just sets, with a mishmash of furniture, dirty clothes and pics of friends.

You can only stream the scenes, but you have two MP4 options and the better of the two looks great. In spite of their amateur origins, the only time the footage looks subpar is when one of the participants shifts the camera and the image goes out of focus. The galleries used to be available in Zip folders, but they've since removed that option and mixed the shots among hundreds of vid caps.

You'll see one of four scenarios played out. There's the circle jerk, which lets some of the studs think it's a competition. There's offering a straight dude his share of the winnings and seeing if he's game. There's tricking the guy into thinking he's getting a lap dance from the campus hottie, only for him to find out the butt on his rod is male! Finally, there's releasing the closet case from his agony and letting him suck all the cock he's been craving.

They're still only adding a new scene about once every 35 to 50 days, so updates are quite slow. You don't get much to help with the wait, but there are some bonus movies sampled from diverse DVDs and, interestingly enough, you can actually download them.

Dare Dorm definitely has a fun theme, but its lack of downloadable vids and slow growth will frustrate those enrolled for more than a month.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: wizzer

    Score: 1% Date: 12/01/2012

    The $9.95 special rate does not work. The link take you to the join site for their regular $24.95/month rate.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/02/2012): Hi, Wizzer. I checked our link and the 9.95 is showing. Delete the cookies/cache on your browser and try again. If you're still having an issue, contact us by one of the methods above and we'll look into it for you.

  • Comment by: Peter

    Score: 5% Date: 09/17/2012

    Pro; liked the concept and it looked appealing.
    Con; the limited trial offer for 2-days is worthless. You get to watch the first few minutes but nothing with any action. If you want to continue you get a pop-up box telling you to upgrade to full membership. No mention of this when I tried their trial offer. I wished someone had written a review for me to read before I went forward with it.

  • Comment by: Johnny Meola

    Score: 50% Date: 06/27/2010

    Videos are fun. Lots of frat energy. But, although the first videos were added weekly, now, three weeks can pass with no new material added. Their customer service is farmed out to a third party and is not helpful.