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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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With some fetish sites, you either do or you don't. That is, you either end up liking the site in question or you end up hating it completely. At Pantyhose And Panties, it's hard not to like what you see, even if you don't have a thing for the soft perfumed grain of pantyhose against skin under your tongue. Whether you're a leg man, an ass man, or a tit man, the chicks featured in this site are a pleasure to behold.

Thigh-high pantyhose being held up by a garter belt was always one of my very favorite sights, so much so that a sex partner of mine once bought herself the whole get-up just to get me off. Silk panties, concealing the perfect pussy. Can't you just hear it wetting its lips? The garter belt straps accentuating the crease where the lower tummy meets the inside of the thigh, and elongating the leg by reshaping the silhouette of the buttocks. Mmm, mmm!

The problem is that there just isn't enough pleasure to behold. The site offers one measly video and the rest of the content consists of pictures. There are 51 galleries, with an average of 30 pictures per gallery.

This site's got every shape, color and size. Lace, fishnets, or gramma style. Knee high, thigh-high, or over and all the way up. If you crave it, it's probably here. Just don't expect anymore then what is there, because they aren't really updating anymore.

The babes are just as hot as the undies and hosieries that they wear. They're mostly white chicks with breasts of all sizes and come in every hair color you could hope for. One scene that will really get you going stars a sexy little redhead with an ample set of boobies that you could suck on forever. That is, you would want to if you weren't distracted by how gorgeous her panties are.

With the emphasis being on the panties and pantyhose, don't expect to see any hardcore penetration here. It's all stripping and posing here so that you can enjoy nothing but the undergarments themselves. Some babes may masturbate, but they do so by rubbing the leggings of the pantyhose against their clit and boobies, or by giving their pussies a reverse wedgie.

The chicks do a good job of making all the content feel really sexy. One babe even dressed up as a schoolgirl in order to give her upskirt shots a bit of something else to enjoy. However, no matter how great their performances can get and how sexy they look in and out of their panties and pantyhose, it just doesn't make up for so little content.

To compensate for the shortage of material, your membership to Pantyhose And Panties gets you access to a series of sites catering to fetish mongers (click for the review): Cummy Feet, Her First DV, Public Peek, Plumper Facials, Tranny Destruction, Fem Dom Abuse and Sneaky Upskirt. Unfortunately, most of the bonus sites aren't updating either.

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