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Updated on: 11/14/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • Twenty-one videos have been added to the collection.
  • Updating resumed for a time, but now there hasn't been anything posted since the end of August.

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You're walking down a busy street in downtown Tokyo in the middle of summer and a hot chick strolls by wearing nothing but skimpy panties and she has writing all over her back. Then you turn the corner and another hottie with no pants is sucking a guy off in an alley. Don't pinch yourself - you're not dreaming. You're just on Japanese Flashers.

If you're a bit tired of sites that just feature chicks lifting up their tops and occasionally giving you a glimpse of their pussies, you'll be happy to know that there's more than just public nudity here. JapaneseFlashers does have some of that, but most scenes have a little twist. Some gals piss in the street, others give blowjobs and at least one is fucked with a dildo while leaning up against a vending machine.

The website has improved a lot since we first reviewed it. It currently offers 98 videos and sets of vid caps. None of the content is exclusive and nothing has been added to the site since the end of August, but don't let these unfortunate facts discourage you from giving it a look just yet.

All the movies can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in a few MP4 formats. If you go with the "high quality option," you'll find that the vids offer good or great-quality playback. No matter how impressive the bit rates are, though, it's still hard to overlook the pixelated genitals, which is common with porn made in Japan.

You'll want to check out a lot of the scenes, but I'd like to suggest the one in which a precious petite chick gives a dude a blowjob. Watching all the people passing by and doing a double-take is hilarious, but when the girl parades through the busy streets with her face covered in cum, now that's worth watching over and over.

The public-sex theme carries over into two of the many bonus sites that are part of the All Japanese Pass network. Outdoor JP and Public Sex Japan are all about Japanese chicks sucking and fucking in parks and supermarkets. You also get Big Tits Tokyo and Bukkake Now, among others.

Japanese Flashers is far from perfect given that it hasn't updated all that recently. Still, it's a good site for people who love the idea of being able to see Japanese chicks getting naked in public.

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